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Observado.org - voor het opslaan van je waarnemingen in het buitenland

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  • Marcel Hospers
    [Observado.org] Observado.org - voor het opslaan van je waarnemingen in het buitenland Since a couple months
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2009
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      Observado.orgObservado.org - voor het opslaan van je waarnemingen in het buitenland

      Since a couple months Observado.org has been set up, the international
      alternative of the succesful Dutch website
      Waarneming.nl and Belgium version

      On Observado.org you can get a current overview of the bio-diversity (wealth of nature) of your
      holiday country or more information about the distribution of butterflies in India.


      On this website Observado.org you can enter your butterflies in India sightings . It's use is free. You can add photo' s or sound recordings at your sightings. This is valuable if you hear birds, bats or grasshoppers. All sightings can be seen for free and it is also
      posible to see distribution maps. At this moment hundreds of sightings ay are already introduced by dozens of observers.

      The dutch website has almost 24.000 registered members and in weekends over 10.000 sightings are added every day.

      This website contains all known butterfly species of the world


      Software for the smartphone and the PDA

      This website also has an integrated software for the smartphone (WnSmart) and for the PDA (wnpda). A sighting consists of a species, a location and time. The time is taken from the PDA clock, the location from the GPS (built-in or with a bluetooth connection). More information about wnPDA can be found on this website.You can also download the software here.


      Dragonfly names

      The dragonfly list contains near 6.000 species with their English, German, Dutch or French name if available. This list is based on the World Odonata List, a checklist compiled by Martin Schorr, Martin Lindeboom and Dennis Paulson.


      The website contains a unique collection of photos. The photo's are screened by a team of experts this set of dragonflyphotos's with their names and this makes this collection unique.


      The site has a forum. If you have questions concerning European dragonflies you can create topic in the Dragonflies (odonata) of the World-forum.


      It is also possible to make small subsites of Observado.org. E.g for Italy is a subsite available or for for dragonflies in Odonata in Italy. A good overview of possibilities of these subsites can be found in The Netherlands

      If you want more information about Observado.org you can send a message to info@....

      More information about Waarneming.nl can be found on Wikipedia
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