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Re: meditation room

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  • robertmerrill1953
    If you look in the photos section..... in the Hybrid folder.... you ll see some interior pic s that I just added ... put ... a
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 15, 2007
      If you look in the photos section..... in the Hybrid folder.... you'll
      see some interior pic's that I just added

      --- In papercreters@yahoogroups.com, "robertmerrill1953"
      <robertmerrill1953@...> wrote:
      > Welcome.... I am glad to hear you want to redeem an old satelite dish.
      > There is a guy here that has them piled in his yard..... my neighbor
      > 4 posts in the ground and put the dish in them making a very nice lil
      > gazebo.
      > --- In papercreters@yahoogroups.com, "Ray Larson, Odin"
      > nekidray2003@ wrote:
      > >
      > > Hey ya'll,
      > > I am building a papercrete building this Spring.
      > > I have been able to get the foundation started this Winter.
      > > That way I can start building when the warm weather arrives.
      > > I'm in Atlanta Ga. where we usually jump from winter to Summer with
      > > short Spring. NOAA is predicting a hotter than average September and
      > > October which mean in the upper 90's.I hope to be finished by then.
      > > The building will be round 12'in diameter with a dome roof.
      > > I hope to use an old satelite dish for the roof support.
      > > More later and pics.
      > > Nice to be in a group with this interest
      > > Odin
      > >
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