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Re: [papercreters] Re: Papercrete roof panels?

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  • Robert Clark
    I m with you Donald, I tried to go the county way a year ago and was blocked, so now time has passed and I will stay under the radar and keep a low profile,
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      I'm with you Donald, I tried to go the county way a year ago and was blocked, so now time has passed and I will stay under the radar and keep a low profile, and proseed with plan A gust the same.
      Regards Robert 

      From: Donald Miller <donald1miller@...>
      To: papercreters@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Tuesday, January 24, 2012 3:18 AM
      Subject: Re: [papercreters] Re: Papercrete roof panels?

      Ok papercreters......You can look at Barry Fuller's roof panels and compressed blocks and all the rest of the hype but the bottom line is he builds little sheds for pay per view workshops but the only real houses he can build are in Mexico. Same with Mike McCain and any other of the papercrete pioneers. The bottom line is you will not be able to realize the potential of papercrete because of the resrictive building codes which are in place to thwart the average person from buiding their own mortgtage free homes. If you check out the archives on this forum you will find very few people who have actualy built a liveable house out of papercrete. There are very few places in this country that do not have code enforcement. I, unfortunately, live in one which does. I am building a papercrete house anyway but I will have to be looking over my shoulder and it really takes away from the enjoyment that one should have from buillding his own home. I don't know what will happen if I get caught or turned in. I am 68 years old and an experienced builder but I know that will not hold much water with with the powers that be. And PLEASE don't tell me to work with the kindly county officials who are only doing their job and wiill work with you on this. All I can say to this is, BS. These county officials are only looking to keep and perpetuate their jobs. And if you are trying to build with an unknown medium they really don't care. You will be required to build with conventional framing and sheeting and can only use the papercrete on the outside of the OSB sheeting. If you are required to do this why bother with the papercrete? If you want to get a warm fuzzy from using this green medium you will probably have to stick to building birdhouses,

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      Subject: [papercreters] Re: Papercrete roof panels?
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      Date: Monday, January 23, 2012, 7:21 PM

      Take a look at Barry Fuller's site where he's completed or supported numerous projects with papercrete roofs. http://livinginpaper.org/ --- In papercreters@yahoogroups.com, teri ann tibbetts <tatsass@...> wrote: > > ..lex terry in new mexico did... > im not sure if he is on this group... > i know he is on facebook ... > > From: Alan <rustaholic777@...> > To: papercreters@yahoogroups.com > Sent: Sunday, January 22, 2012 2:41 PM > Subject: [papercreters] Papercrete roof panels? > >   > Has anyone here done a papercrete shed with a papercrete roof? > Alan in Michigan >
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