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Re: Drill and blade suggestions

For small batches, a mortar mixer from harbor freight will work really well. Just sharpen the blades. Mortar is heavy work, so the mixer can take it. ...
Kim Travis
Jun 2

Project going on

We are working on our house, both the walls and roofs every day it doesn't rain. We are in Bedias TX, send me an email at gartht@... if you would
Kim Travis
Jun 2

Re: Drill and blade suggestions

The best you can afford. PC is hard on motors - you might want to get a cement mixer if you have significant volume. I use the Home Depot mixer - about $275 as
Jun 1

Re: bad season for papercrete

The problems with slow drying P/C can be quickly remedied. Find yourself some discarded Latex paint that has not been frozen. This can be done by soliciting a
Jun 1

Drill and blade suggestions

Hello, I'm new to papercrete and excited to get started. I plan on mixing small batches. I've been researching drills but am a little wary. It seems as
Jun 1

Share with all...Yahoo Confirms Huge Data Breach Affecting 500 Milli

http://blabber.buzz/politics/conservative/21951-yahoo-confirms-huge-data-breach-affecting-500-million-accounts Hope none of your friends or you have been
Sep 22, 2016

Bas season for block making

​My experience in making blocks or long elevated trays outdoors was to always cover with glass, and or lay a black plastic tarp under with air flow, and
C. C. Visnesky
Sep 7, 2016

Re: bad season for papercrete

Heck Yeah.  I made some blocks in early August and they only started drying after I managed to move the soggy things under the carport.  Dang rain. Heck
D Knott
Sep 6, 2016

bad season for papercrete

Am I the only one who was looking forward to a hot, dry summer to do papercrete? We have our framework up, our mixer is working very well. And even days when
Sep 5, 2016

Re: Help. Can't find the address for alternative refrigeration group

Thanks sent a message. Calle From: Alan rustaholic777@... [papercreters] Sent: Thursday, August 11, 2016 11:08 AM To: papercreters@yahoogroups.com Reply
Aug 11, 2016

Re: Help. Can't find the address for alternative refrigeration group

Send email to this link refrigeratoralternatives@yahoogroups.com Alan From: "valledecalle@... [papercreters]" To: "Kim
Aug 11, 2016

Re: Help. Can't find the address for alternative refrigeration group

Thanks We appear to be still trying to recover from the fire. Trees are falling like toothpicks. Any address for the alternative refrigeration group? From: Kim
Aug 1, 2016

Re: Help. Can't find the address for alternative refrigeration group

I am about to. We are just fine tuning our mixer and getting ready to start pouring. ... -- Kim Travis Certified Permaculture Designer Bedias, Texas
Aug 1, 2016

Help. Can't find the address for alternative refrigeration group!

Wanted to ask about the Einstein/Sz... units and if anyone had built or used one. Hope all are well. Never get any posts anymore.
Aug 1, 2016

Re: Papercrete and Extreme Couponing, the perfect partnership?

Bravo Charlene! Actually for a while when we first move to Texas, I was getting coupons for cage free organic eggs, organic milk and a few things like that.
Jun 8, 2016
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