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Re: alasan kenapa mendaki

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  • firman079
    copy paste dari mana lage nih bocah ... gets mad, ... you, ... weight. ... and want ... blame Poison ... hole/hold. ... die, you ... partner with ... any and
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 1, 2003
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      copy paste dari mana lage nih bocah

      --- In pangrango@yahoogroups.com, "Agli" <agli@g...> wrote:
      > coz its better than sex :D....
      > Why Climbing is Better than Sex
      > (a man's perspective)
      > When you climb, you only have to get yourself to the peak.
      > If you climb with someone other than your regular partner, no one
      gets mad,
      > in fact, you can all three climb together and share protection !
      > You can reuse your protection, and someone else even cleans it for
      > provided you don't put it in too deep.
      > You can leave your protection in for the next guy.
      > There IS such a thing as being too overhung.
      > You can get belayed without first bekissing.
      > A good hand jam can be as satisfying as any other kind of jam.
      > No matter how many times you fall off, you can always climb back on.
      > Having a belay slave is not a criminal offense.
      > The rocks never expect you to call afterward.
      > Dry friction is a positive quality when you're climbing.
      > The rocks don't care if you show up late.
      > The rocks don't complain after 7 or 8 pitches.
      > When you're climbing, a good two-finger jam will support your body
      > Your belayer never hesitates when you yell "TAKE!"
      > When you're climbing, weird body positions are considered "cool".
      > The rocks don't scream for help when you try for the on-sight flash.
      > The rocks don't complain when you don't want to do cracks anymore
      and want
      > to do some face.
      > A three-finger pocket isn't too big.
      > You don't have to wait an hour after getting pumped-out.
      > If you pop off early, the only one mad at you is yourself.
      > If you end up with little bumps on your skin, you can probably
      blame Poison
      > Ivy or mosquitoes.
      > The gear is safer. And reusable.
      > Chalk is easier to get off the hands.
      > No one thinks you're weird if you have to feel around for a
      > Climbing w/o gear is safer than sex without gear. At least if you
      die, you
      > die fast.
      > Always something to do with your feet.
      > Routes have safety grades, sex partners don't. I've never had a
      partner with
      > a G on her forehead.
      > Its ok to stick your hands, feet, fingers, knees, nose, etc into
      any and all
      > cracks while climbing.
      > You don't have to wash your climbing toys after using them.
      > The positions are more fun.
      > Climbing gets safer over the years, sex gets more dangerous.
      > If you fail, you can always get a second chance.
      > Choice of novice or expert routes.
      > A climb can last all day.
      > Guidebooks tell you who did the 1st ascent and how many time it's
      been done.
      > Lots of tight cracks.
      > The only rubber you wear is on your feet.
      > There are still rocks that haven't been touched.
      > I actually have someone to climb with.
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