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Welcome to Panama Scams

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  • Clyde Jenkins
    Welcome to Panama Scams. This forum is for the sole purpose of investigating possible scams against expats in Panama, exposing them and eliminating them where
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 11 6:50 AM

      Welcome to Panama Scams.  This forum is for the sole purpose of investigating possible scams against expats in Panama, exposing them  and eliminating them where possible.  It is definitely not for spreading gossip, rants, character assasination, innuedo, unsubstantiated personal opinions, the propogating of a political agenda or just sour grapes.  Nor is this a forum for cute chit chat, it's purpose is a serious one and to that end the rules will be rather strict.  I know that some of our best informed members will be those who like to add their little "asides" to most of their posts, but please, ladies and gentlemen, resist that temptation.

      If you have reason to believe that there is some scam operating in Panama which targets gringos, please give that information to us, but leave out all of the adjectives, adverbs and rhetoric.  I would also ask that you read your message at least twice before posting here so as to make sure that you have entered all of the information which is necessary for a serious disucussion and to make sure that it makes sense to us.  If you leave out pertinent information, it just makes our job harder and we have to make certain assumptions which could later prove wrong.

      What prompted the formation of this group was a recent attack on Red Frog Beach Club in Bocas del Toro which was billed as a great scam by a group called "Stop Red Frog Beach" and their hangers-on.  I have no idea if RFBC is a scam or not, I know nothing abouth them and I highly doubt it, but there was absolutely no evidence whatsoever that it is.   What we saw was a bunch of people expounding on their political agendas and using dishonest examples to prove their points.  We also had some crazies who just like to run off at the mouth about anything and everything.  That bullshit will not be tolerated here, do it and you're history.  Certainly it is fair to ask if RFBC is involved in some sort of scam, just as it is fair to ask the same question about SRFB. 

      So, if you have any facts concerning possible scams against expats in Panama please share them with us for reasonable discussion and investigation.

      Clyde, owner, moderator

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