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  • allan hawkins v.
    Oct 7, 2013

      Hola Gente:

      As many of you knows (because many of you contributes), I ask during this time of the year for your monetary support to help people that really needs our help. People like this gentleman, Sr. Demetrio, (lost one of his legs some weeks ago) have to go to the street to ask for money to buy his daily expensive medication, very sad. With your help, we can make, at least this year, a different Christmas moment for him and others in similar or worst conditions that I have in my priority list.


      I have friends in Panamá that will double your amount, people that prefer to be anonymous, so just send what you can, together will be great!

      I don´t have a Paypal account but you can send your personal check (no cash please) to:

      Allan Hawkins V.

      # PTY 59779 

      P. O. Box 25207

      Miami, Fl. 33102-5207

      U. S. A.

      Thanks in advance for your contribution and God bless you.

      Saludos, Allan.