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For Sale - Apartment in El Carmen - Priced To Sell Quickly

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  • Don Winner
    For Sale - Apartment in El Carmen - Priced To Sell Quickly * PH Villa Medici - 2 Level Penthouse
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 29, 2013

      For Sale - Apartment in El Carmen - Priced To Sell Quickly


      ·      Conveniently located right in the middle of Panama City, close to everything.

      ·      Competitively priced to sell quickly at $1,150 per square meter – when it’s hard to find anything below $1,500 per square meter in Panama City.

      ·      Relatively large, two story penthouse with lots of room at 205 square meters (2,206 square feet).

      ·      Great for a larger family – four bedrooms and 4.5 baths.

      ·      El Carmen is a very good neighborhood (next to El Cangrejo).

      ·      Nice city park within easy walking distance for kids, dogs, or exercise (with tennis courts).

      ·      Split air conditioners installed in all bedrooms.

      ·      Comes with refrigerator, stove, oven, hot water heater.

      ·      New granite countertop in the kitchen.

      ·      New (custom) wood cabinets in the kitchen.

      ·      All floors replaced with new ceramic tiles.

      ·      All bathrooms renovated with new tiles, fixtures, and cabinets.

      ·      Freshly painted – all walls, doors, door frames – clean and fresh throughout. Move in, turn-key condition.

      ·      This apartment can easily be split into two units each with 2 bedrooms – live in one and rent the other (for about $1,200 per month) or rent both.

      ·      Maid’s quarters.

      ·      Linen closet.

      ·      Dedicated laundry room with room with space and connections for full sized washer & dryer, with utility sink and storage area.


      About The Villa Medici Apartment Complex:

      ·      Excellent 24/7 security.

      ·      Perimeter security wall.

      ·      Intercom to buzz-in guests.

      ·      Vehicle security gate with remote activation.

      ·      One covered and secured parking space with others available for rent if necessary.

      ·      Building exterior recently painted.

      ·      Pool and social area.

      ·      Very large water tanks on the roof of the building.

      ·      Six person elevator.

      ·      Monthly maintenance fee $150.



      ·      Exceptionally convenient location in the middle of Panama City.

      ·      Drive almost anywhere in less than five minutes.

      ·      Very close to three supermarkets (Super99, Rey, Riba Smith), Arrocha pharmacy, PriceMart, shopping malls, hospitals and medical centers.

      ·      Quick and easy access to both Via Via España, Transistmica, Via Brazil, and Via Porras.

      ·      Large El Carmen city park just two blocks away.

      ·      Convenience store, laundry, and bakery on the corner.

      ·      Bookstore and daycare two blocks away.


      For More Information – To see photos of this apartment or for more information please click on the links to the articles above, and visit the websites where it’s listed.


      Don Winner

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