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Re: [siliconvalleyfoos] RE: [paloaltofoos] RE: [SFFoos] VEGAS RESULTS!!!!!

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    ... Re: [siliconvalleyfoos] RE: [paloaltofoos] RE: [SFFoos] VEGAS RESULTS!!!!! Just thought Id throw in a little update as well... Although they didnt break
    Message 1 of 7 , Mar 30, 2007
      Re: [siliconvalleyfoos] RE: [paloaltofoos] RE: [SFFoos] VEGAS RESULTS!!!!!
      Just thought I’d throw in a little update as well...  

      Although they didn’t break off the whole event, congrats to MANDY for making an amazing goalie appearance with Darren in Open Mixed Doubles!!!  Along their path of destruction, they even defeated Fernando!!!  :-O

      I ended up with another 3rd place in Goalie Wars.  Damn... Lost my belt on that one.  :-(  Grrrr...

      That’s all for now... Heading back to the craps tables!!!



      VIFA Dubs: Guys from Canada Won

      VIFA Sgls: Will contine at 3pm today. Mo is in the loosers bracket after
      loosing to really good 4 from canada in second round.

      Semi Singles: Zeke lost the winners of winners and will be playing for 3rd
      or better. Joey from San Diego won the winners bracket. Mo end up placing
      10th or 11th.

      Open Mixed: Karen and billy lost winners of winners against Rob Atta and
      Jamie and will be playing soon for 3rd or better.

      Mo and Tyvoll just qualified for Open Dubs after winning the first 2 rounds
      and most likely will be facing a pro or master team next.

      That's it so far. I'll keep you guys up to date from time to time.


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      >i'll be taking my laptop so stay tunned for VEGAS chart updates.

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