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invitation only DYP!

Hi folks - Want an invite to a $150-200 added DYP? Start attending on Tuesdays! If you attend half of the DYPs from Sep 27 to mid-December, you'll get an
Brian Eaton
Oct 24, 2016

progressive dyp at Cal

We're starting a progressive DYP at Cal Billiards, every Tuesday night. We'll collect $1 extra from each player. The extra buck goes towards a money added
Brian Eaton
Sep 27, 2016

Hi-Lo DYP May 21st

Hey folks - We're doing a Hi-Lo DYP at Cuetopia. Saturday, May 21st, 8 PM. We'll split the players based on local points. The top players will draw a random
Brian Eaton
May 9, 2016
Brian Eaton
Apr 26, 2016

correction: cal billiards tuesday nights

Not Cuetopia, Cue is Saturdays... On Sun, Apr 17, 2016 at 7:40 PM, Brian Eaton
Brian Eaton
Apr 17, 2016

cuetopia tuesday night

I'm back in town and running things this week, who's in?
Brian Eaton
Apr 17, 2016

no tourney tomorrow, new schedule is out

No tournament tomorrow night, too many of the regulars are out. Good luck to everyone going to Vegas! New schedule is posted:
Brian Eaton
Mar 7, 2016

congrats to our points race winners!

Congrats to our February points race winners, see you all this weekend and in Vegas. Overall Winner: Sergie Aragones , $100
Brian Eaton
Mar 2, 2016

DYP at Cal Billiards tonight

Last event of the points race, come on down!
Brian Eaton
Mar 1, 2016

results from Saturday singles and SnB

Results from Saturday Singles and SnB: -- Singles -- Chart: http://www.netfoos.com/display/119/charts/1/45761.html 1st: Mohammed U 2nd: Sergie A 3rd: Steve C
Brian Eaton
Feb 28, 2016

heads-up: singles now starts at 5:30

Heads-up: Saturday Singles sign-ups now close at 5:30 PM. We're moving this half an hour earlier because of conflicts; folks have ended up waiting to play for
Brian Eaton
Feb 22, 2016

good times last night

22 players for doubles, 14 for singles.
Brian Eaton
Feb 21, 2016

singles at 6, doubles at 8

Cuetopia tonight!
Brian Eaton
Feb 20, 2016

come to Cal Billiards tonight!

Phil is in, I'm in, Matt is in. Who else?
Brian Eaton
Feb 16, 2016

singles and SnB tomorrow!

Singles at 6 PM tomorrow, Shake-n-bake at 8 PM. Cuetopia. Vegas is coming!
Brian Eaton
Feb 12, 2016
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