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results from Tuesday

Ellen is showing us how the east coast does it: another first place finish! Also congratulations to our newest player,
Brian Eaton
Apr 15

DYP at Cue tonight, who's in?

Send me a note or text if you'll be late.
Brian Eaton
Apr 14

Cuetopia April 7

Congrats to Kyle and Gayle for double dipping Ben and me to take home first place
Brian Eaton
Apr 8
Brian Eaton
Apr 7

open singles results

Congrats to Mohammed for taking first place in our singles tournament yesterday!
Brian Eaton
Apr 5

Cuetopia results

10 players at Cue tonight, one new guy! Matt and Mohammed took downJames
Brian Eaton
Apr 1

Re: Double header at Cuetopia next Saturday

Find your partners folks, or come and enjoy your point spot on the draw side... 4 more days till singles and the S-n-B. On Fri, Mar 27, 2015 at 4:46 PM, Brian
Brian Eaton
Mar 31

Double header at Cuetopia next Saturday

Saturday, 4/4. Open Singles, 6 PM Shake-n-Bake, 8 PM $15 per event. Shake-n-Bake format: point spot. Draw and Bring teams play in the same bracket, but when a
Brian Eaton
Mar 27

Cuetopia March 25 results

Amazing finals last night at Cuetopia. Kyle Moss and Xavier Contreras
Brian Eaton
Mar 25

Re: HOFC Results

Whoops, make that 14 top four finishes. James took first place in Expert Singles too! On Mon, Mar 16, 2015 at 8:07 AM, Brian Eaton
Brian Eaton
Mar 16

HOFC Results

The Hall of Fame Classic finished up in the wee hours of the morning. We had a huge turn-out of 18 foosers from Northern California, and finished up in the
Brian Eaton
Mar 16

Re: self-organize DYP tonight

Same deal next week, Mar 17. A lot of folks are unlikely to show because they'll be foosed-out by Vegas. Send out a note if you want to get together and
Brian Eaton
Mar 10

self-organize DYP tonight

Hi folks - The normal TD's aren't around tonight, feel free to self-organize a DYP at Cuetopia if you're game. Cheers, Brian
Brian Eaton
Mar 10

results from Cuetopia

9 teams at Cuetopia last night. Close finish. Both finals games went 4-4. Champion: James C, Brian E 2nd: Matt
Brian Eaton
Feb 25

good times at Cuetopia

Great double-header last night, 8 players in singles, 17 in the S-n-B. Tough teams! Congrats to Adrian ! AZ took
Brian Eaton
Feb 8
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