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Fw: Updates: Phil Charity Sweepstakes Ofc (PCSO) Financial Assistance for Lynlyn's Hospital Bill

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  • Eleneor Palma
    ... Dear Loved Ones: Ge, how very true is the text msg of your UP medical sorority sis Dr.Belle: Linor, Lyn-lyn s innocence should teach us to trust that our
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      Dear Loved Ones:

      Ge, how very true is the text msg of your UP medical sorority sis Dr.Belle: "Linor, Lyn-lyn's innocence should teach us to trust that our All-Knowing God will always provide!" Let me tell how God provided for this special child He gently Lifted Lynlyn from the ICU of Perpetual Help DALTA (Daisy Antonio Laperal Tamayo) Medical Center last March 5, 2010.

      My financial worry: for Lyn's funeral memorial service fee of P35,000, cremation fee of P20,000 and the ICU hospitall bill of P30,989.89 terrified me temporarily as your monetary help remit is yet to come - $700 is not enough to cover up the above expenses.

      God does listen to our prayers! Upon learning that Lyn has expired, Daisy M. Tamayo comforted me, her eldest son Anthony, Pearlie's good friend since they were 6 years old instructed the concerned hospital personnel:
      1)  release the death certificate and body, even without deposit; use his cellfoneunit to overseas call all of you without charges;
      2)  as to the hospital remaining balance of P30,989.89, Daisy instructed the social worker of the Perpetual Jonelta Foundation center, since Lynlyn was admitted to the Jonelta ward, to write endorsement letter to the Bacoor Municipality Social Welfare Division to seek on my behalf financial assistance of Phil Charity Sweeptstakes (PCSO) Gen. Mgr Rosario Uriarte for hospital payment,

      So, Jonelta social worker gave the requirements seeking financial assistance for PCSO:
      1) write personal appeal letter to Pcso gen mgr;
      2) secure from barangay molino bacoor a certificate of indigency for marilyn q. gomez;
      3) bring to the ff gov't agencies the med abstract, the hospital statement of account, my promisory note, etc. to the bacoor municipal hall, then to quezon city Pcso for final approval.

      The Jonelta social worker warned me to be emotionally prepared, have a lot of patience and courage to meet the challenge of some cold bureaucratic gov't clerks at bacoor municipal hall and probably worst clerks at the quezon city Pcso! She emphasized to me - get ready for a lot of tedious leg-work!

      One of my motivating force is not to anymore bother all of you there in the states to raise funds as i know the current USA economic crisis has worsen your financial status - it's really disheartening to know that you, Ge and Godfrey have not been paid for 3 months. Pearl your hard working husband Bert was unjustly laid off from his company, and currently both of you are financial supporting the medical treatment of our dear brother Jun; as for my loving children, I'm very thankful they do share financially for their aunt but I know currently their financial budget is tight yet they always share, so with our brother Jun when he wasn't ill, he sends monthly a remit of P1,500 for Lynlyn's diapers.

      My greatest FORCE to do the excruciating crack-breaking legwork to get the Pcso financial assistance is the assurance that our Lord is My Shephered, that my husband Perry is ever-helpful and for our dearest sister Lyn who in her last days never hysterically cried out for pain calmly obeyed the instructions from her doctors and nurses and would just quietly cry the painful insertion of tubes or inject her intravenously. Lyn would even patter me weakly when I embrace her to ease her pain, then weakly she waves her hand or nods her head when doctors/nurses ask if this part of her body hurts.
      "God saw his special child getting tired whenever a medical treatment to cure her but to no avail...The Lord wrapped his arms around Lynlyn's whispered COME TO ME, YOU DON'T DESERVE WHAT YOU WENT THROUGH! So, God gave Lyn a rest and lifted Lyn to his beautiful garden for God only picks the best and when I saw Lyn sleeping, so peaceful and free from pain, I could not wish her back to suffer again". This poem has inspired me to carry on the TASK of seeking financial help from Pcso, commute in the summer heat! Praise the Lord! After a wait of 3 hours in the midst of hundred marginalized bacoor residents like me queuing for approval from bacoor mayor; that our sister marilyn is qualified to be given the Pcso financial aide  - I GOT the recommending letter of approval from the bacoor mayor who 5 years ago was a board director of Pcso!

      My trip to Quezon City - venue of the Pcso gen mgr is SHOCKING! I arrived at 7:45 a.m. as the office opens at 8:00 a.m. and found more hundreds of marginalized filipinos from different provinces as far as Sulu were already queuing as early dawn of 4:00 a.m. to be given a number from processing our documents.  Since it is a long travel from molino to quezon city and being diabetic, I had to rush to the female c.r. which is heavily dilapitated, foul smelling, and couldn't  pee at all. Perry had to fall in line for me as I rushed out of Pcso to go to 2 blocks away for a restaurant female c.r. which is acceptably clean for me to pee.  I cried not for myself but for the hundreds of marginalized filipinos, abandoned by our gov't leaders who couldn't care less for the class struggle of the poorest poor.  I felt outraged angry that  in this election season these hypocrite presidential candidates starting with Noynoy Aquino, Erap, the holier than thou art brother Ed Villanueva and Bro. Jose delos Reyes,  Richard Gordon, "crazy only nuisance candidate Len Jamby Madrigal, the  rags to riches billionaire sen. Manny Villar, and even my choice harvard graduate sec. of defence Gilbert 'Gibo' Teodoro - all of them should come to quezon city Pcso and amidst the thousand marginalized sick pinoys w/ cancer, HIV, leukemia and with all sorts of disease threatening life - all of these presidential candidates must take an oath before God that if anyone of them becomes the next Phil. President must come with a WORKABLE ACTION PROGRAM for the implementation of the mission of these lottery games: sweepstakes draw of funds quickly and orderly to the indigent sick, and at the same time to generate jobs to eliminate proverty.  This is the thrust of Satur Ocampo, our progressive socialist oriented partylist congressman now running for senator - may his tribe increase.

      After a wait of 4 hours, a social worker announced the name: marilyn quebral gomez, sister eleanor g. palma come forward for instructions.  I was given a schedule date - april 21 to come back at 4:30 a.m. for interview as all my documents are in order.  I politely asked the social worker if I come at 4:30 a.m., is there 3 work shifts of Pcso like 6 a.m.-2 p.m. to serve the 4:30 a.m. callers.  The social worker flatly said - no 3 shifts at Pcso - office opens at 8 a.m. but they tell us to come 4 hrs earlier as its ist come, first serve system! Good my GM friend Fe told me to focus on getting the Pcso funding, not to worry as all my leaves from our office will be compensated.....in fact she gave me a loan of P5k to pay the renovation costs of the big bedroom wall/ceiling cracks which became worst during the recent intensity 6 eartquake.

      Pls include in your prayers that on April 21st I will, HOPEFULLY, granted the final approval of Pcso gen mgr Rosario Uriarte to pay for Lyn's hospital bill. Also pray for the many marginalized pinoys that they too get Pcso funding. We were told Pcso  releases the check after 4 months from the approval date! Again Daisy Tamayo told me in my case the Jonelta Foundation can wait 4 months for Pcso cheque! Now and always, thanking God for Perpetual - Jonelta Foundation, for providing affordable--even charitable medical care to the have nots/patients!

      Our all-knowing God has touched many relatives, classmates of mine, our molino sr. citizen ass., most of all my gm/friend Fe Naquita, who like all of you there helped defray the funeral, cremation expenses of God' s special child our sister lynlyn - Let us thank:
      1) Rene Q. Vergara cousing from canada
      2) Auntie May Q. Vergara
      3) Gigi Quebral Pacoli of USA
      4) Ramie Quebral, his mom Connie Quebral, brothers at Los Angeles and sis in canada, cynthia vizcarra from imus cavite, joy and cathy from bacoor cavite and robert quebral
      5) Lincoln and Agnes Remolona
      6) Uncle Jr. Quebral and Lark Q. Marking
      7) Uncle Floring Quebral, his son Mark Quebral
      8) Tony Serrran, my former college student of Union City S.F.
      9) Eli Ilano of switzerland
      10) Molino sr. citizens ass.
      11) My good neighbor judge Rey and wife Vicky Roz
      12) Edna May Palma Garcia
      13) My U.P. Prep (classmate Dr. Lord Bernabe, Annie Pena Villacorta, Vic Ortega who told me they'll treat me for lunch to celebrate my 66th bday on March 19, but instead i told them to turn their lunch treat to cash payment for the cremation fee, readily they gave P6,500.
      14.) Pstra. Bing Dacanay of Cosmopolitan Church
      15.) Lani & Frank Panahon - esp native Sapin-sapin, Memorial snack
      16.) Upeng Ontalan, Ted & Edna Ontalan - esp Native Sapin-sapin, Memorial snack

      Jun, my dear brother, never give up your trust in the Lord especially now your faced with a medical problem and on your April 7th bday always be positive and be patient, most of all we your sisters love you and will continue to be there for you, celebrate the good life God has given!...

      Thank you to all of you, for caring during the last days and on her last breath, for God's special child: Marilyn Ruth Quebral Gomez.
       In Jesus Christ with Love and HAPPY EASTER TO ALL.....LOLA LINOR

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