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Australian dig finds evidence of Aboriginal habitation up to 80,000

https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2017/jul/19/dig-finds-evidence-of-aboriginal-habitation-up-to-80000-years-ago Sent from my phone
Mike Brass
Jul 19

JASR article: Mediterranean pottery, case study from the Neolithic c

The application of pottery attribute analysis: A case-study from the Neolithic complex of Kordin,
Mike Brass
Jul 18

Ravens can plan for future as well as 4-year-old children can | New

Mike Brass
Jul 15

Ancient-genome studies grapple with Africa’s past : Nature News &

http://www.nature.com/news/ancient-genome-studies-grapple-with-africa-s-past-1.22272 Sent from my iPad
Mike Brass
Jul 8

The North African Middle Stone Age and its place in recent human evo

https://www.academia.edu/33549565/The_North_African_Middle_Stone_Age_and_its_place_in_recent_human_evolution Sent from my phone
Mike Brass
Jun 19

Fwd: [ANTHRO-L] Ben Finney, Anthropologist Who Debunked Theory on Is

Sent from my phone Begin forwarded message: From: -dan d. > Date: 18 June 2017 at 17:09:33 BST To:
Mike Brass
Jun 18

The first of our kind | Max Planck Society

https://www.mpg.de/11322481/oldest-homo-sapiens-fossils-at-jebel-irhoud-morocco Sent from my phone
Mike Brass
Jun 7

Open vs Blinded Peer-Review – Science-Based Medicine

I came across this: https://sciencebasedmedicine.org/open-vs-blinded-peer-review/ I am pleased by the results as an advocate for authors and reviewers knowing
Mike Brass
Jun 5

Fwd: [ANTHRO-L] Coasting from Beringia

Sent from my phone Begin forwarded message: From: "Wilsnack, Richard" > Date: 11 April 2017
Mike Brass
Apr 11

FW: African Archaeological Review, Vol. 34, Issue 1 - New Issue Aler

From: Springer [mailto:springer@...] Sent: Wednesday, March 29, 2017 3:14 AM To: mike@... Subject: African Archaeological
    Mike Brass
    Mar 29
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    FW: PAA_SAfA2014 Proceedings African Archaeology without Frontiers i

    From: Karim Sadr [mailto:Karim.Sadr@...] Sent: Friday, March 24, 2017 1:25 PM To: Safaannounce-l@... Subject: [Safaannounce-l] PAA_SAfA2014
    Mike Brass
    Mar 24

    Dental plaque DNA shows Neanderthals used 'aspirin'

    And a bunch of other things. Spy were meat eaters, El Sidron were vegetarians (but not, presumably, whoever ate them).
    David Timpe
    Mar 8

    Neanderthal dental biomes

    http://theatln.tc/2lZ7UZy Sent from my phone
    Mike Brass
    Mar 8
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