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  • M khan
    Assalam-u-Alaikum! Feroz Khana Wrora: Believe you me, I would have never understood the real intent of the sort of journalists as that of Ahmad Rasheed, had it
    Message 1 of 33 , Aug 1, 2001
      Feroz Khana Wrora:
      Believe you me, I would have never understood the real
      intent of the sort of journalists as that of Ahmad
      Rasheed, had it not been to the very close & thorough
      study of the total picture of the Afghanistan tragic
      situation that started with the Communist Coup of
      April, 1978 in Kabul & the subsequent BRUTAL Russian
      (USSR) invasion of December,1979.
      I read all, what Ahmad Rashid had to say about
      Afghanistan, Pakistan & the picture he is trying to
      sell to the media, government & people of Pakistan.
      First of all you have to know who these people are &
      what background they come from in the HRC of Pakistan.
      I know for sure the Hina Gilani's, the I.A. Rahman's,
      & the Asma Jehangir's in this list of orators &
      Then come the second batch of those persons,
      who are familiar & are very aware of the delicate
      strategic & vital national interests of Pakistan &
      Afghanistan. They include again inside these
      organisations e.g: Dr. Mubashar Hassan & Afrasiyaab
      Khattak etc......These two have been genuinely careful
      & very much personally concerned about the present &
      longterm dangers that confront our nation &
      Afghanistan. Although, dr. Mubashar hassan may sound
      sometimes very restless with the ongoing diplomacy of
      the region of South & West Asia. This was just a brief
      insight into the make up of the so called human Rights
      activists inside Pakistan. These organisations work &
      operate solely with the top dollars from the Western
      private & governmental organisations. Nevertheless,
      their work do get us (sometime) useful relief in the
      political strangulations of political & media elites.
      Everyone know that Pakistan is at war with India
      for the last 53 years & especially since the early
      eighties, when India unilaterally occupied the Siachin
      glacier. That action prompted Pakistan to know the
      basic need of India...that is tightening the noose
      over Pakistan from the top of the very tip of
      In my very humble opinion & knowledge of the
      tragedy of Afghanistan, India never cared about
      Afghanistan, nor did any other country including the
      Iranians, the Americans, the Central asian republics,
      the Europeans. Only the arab countries came to ours &
      the afghans help with men, money & material.
      Pakistan's nuclear power capacity in larger part is
      due to the greatst financial support from our Arab
      bretherns. Especially, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, & to a
      lesser degree from Qatar & Kuwait.
      Now, listen what I had to say about ahmad
      Rasheed's assertions about holding pakistan squarely
      responsible for the prolongation of the Afghan
      imbroglio. I totally & absolutely reject each & every
      point that he has made in his speech regarding
      Pakistan. I was personally present in the very room
      where, the afghan factions of the EIGHT Party Alliance

      were begged by pakistan & pushed to make an All Afghan
      coalition government inclusive of Rabbani Hekmatyar, &
      Mahsood & those of Pir gailani & Rasool sayaf &
      Mohammadi's...etc..etc... at Madina ul Hujjaj
      Islamabad. This was at the time in 1988 when the USSR
      (Russia) was finally given a face saving deal at
      (Thanks to Junejo) for the geneva accords between
      Pakistan. The USSR (russia) & the Communist government
      of Najubullah of Afghanistan. He remained in that
      capacity until the najibullah government was defeated
      in 1992. He was sent as a unanimous President for one
      year ( Imay be wrong in figures) & when his time
      expired pakistan & the Mujahein leaders (former)
      decided upon Rabbani (a Tajik) as President &
      Hekmatyar as Prime Minister for two years. Then the
      trouble started between rabbani & Hekmatyar & finally
      when the two years for Rabbani as president expired
      somewhere in 1994-95 & when there was no end in sight,
      the struggle started by those commanders in Qandahar
      to do away completely with their leadership of the
      jehadi days & to take control of the land by those who
      personally were the victoms ( the orphans) who came to
      be known as the TALIBAN. They resorted to non-violence
      as they themselves were the victoms & knew about death
      & injuries. One city after another fell to their
      control & that too with prior warnings to the local
      warlords & general population. Thus, they swept the
      whole nation from 1996 till this day, All those areas
      (almost 97 %) are enjoying complete freedom & there
      has been no violence or any act of brutality ever
      comitted as we speak.
      I have seen media men used by the nawaz & benazir
      governments to their own benefits & know how they
      patronised their clients in the pakistani print media.
      Ahmad Rashid was doing the same & was promoting
      everything that was dearer to the West during the
      Soviet occupation. But what went wrong, while peace
      has returned to 97 percent of afghanistan & is
      exclusively talking about the last seven or ten
      years......WHY??? this is the question that we need to
      ask Ahmad Rasheed. On the contrary, thye government of
      Pakistan has completely sealed off limits the Afghan
      borders to all sorts of movement of men, weapons & any
      other kind of interference inside of Afghanistan
      eversince the inking of the Geneva protocols.
      All these journalist have been fed & nurtured
      from abroad & are busy cursing their own government &
      the poor Taliban. There is too much at stake for the
      West & the Western, Russian, Iranian, British,
      American, & the UN security Council's desperate
      measures are enough evidence that shows who are
      involved & with what motives.
      I hope you got my point & hope you understand what
      kind of problem we are dealing with here.
      Ahmad rasheed will be shouting until one day when he
      see for himself who is interfering in the internal
      Afghan situation?
      My God Jounalists for sale! Come and buy my
      conscience. All his comments make me sick especially
      his book , the Talban. Where was his conscience when
      he used to tell the heroism of the Afghan people & the
      closeness of the near defeat of the Russians in the
      past. Where was his criticism of pakistan, when
      Pakistan all alone stood like a rock before those Red
      Army jerks inside afghanistan.
      With the return of peace & the humiliated exit of the
      rabbani's, Dostams, General maliks & Masood's, he sees
      no chance of making the same amount of money that he
      used to make. They are now jobless...but still donot
      hesitate to sell their conscience & patriotism
      now....what a shame.
      Staso Wror
      Umar Khan Dawar

      --- Feroz Afridi <feroz1@...> wrote:
      > dear brother and sister.
      > read this mail and comment.
      > > -------------------------------------------
      > >
      > > ''NISAR
      > > OSMANI
      > > HUMAN
      > > RIGHTS
      > >
      > > I am deeply grateful to the Council of HRCP, its
      > > elected
      > > representatives and members for awarding me this
      > > coveted prize. I
      > > would especially like to thank HRCP Chairperson
      > > Afrasiab Khattak,
      > > General Secretary Hina Jilani, Director I.A.Rehman
      > as
      > > well as Asma
      > > Jehangir and Dr.Mobashir Hassan. I have no words
      > to
      > > describe my
      > > feelings at the moment because this is for the
      > first
      > > time, after more
      > > than 20 years in journalism, that a Pakistani
      > > organization with such
      > > enormous credibility as the HRCP, has acknowledged
      > my
      > > work on
      > > covering Pakistan, Afghanistan and Central Asia.
      > No
      > > amount of
      > > international recognition can make up for being
      > > acknowledged in one's
      > > own country, in one's own home and by one's own
      > peers
      > > who I so deeply
      > > respect. I am deeply moved and enormously
      > grateful.
      > > HRCP's work in
      > > increasing awareness about human and minority
      > rights,
      > > poverty and
      > > political and press freedoms in Pakistan has no
      > > parallel...
      > >
      > > I have covered the brutal, tragic conflict in
      > > Afghanistan for the
      > > past 23 years. That conflict also took me to
      > Central
      > > Asia for the
      > > first time in 1988. My persistence has been due to
      > the
      > > enduring
      > > courage, warmth and formidable character of the
      > > freedom loving Afghan
      > > people who today, even after all these years of
      > war,
      > > are still facing
      > > an unprecedented assault on their independence,
      > > culture, history and
      > > faith in Islam as a religion of peace and equal
      > rights
      > > for men and
      > > women. But my persistence in sticking to this
      > story
      > > for so long has
      > > also been my desire to journalistically write
      > about
      > > and unveil the
      > > secretive decision making process of Pakistan's
      > Afghan
      > > policy over
      > > the past 23 years. During the past ten years
      > Pakistan
      > > has been
      > > involved in the war in Afghanistan alongside one
      > or
      > > another of the
      > > Afghan factions and most Pakistanis have been
      > unaware
      > > of this
      > > involvement and the implications it is having in
      > the
      > > body politic of
      > > our country. This is what I would briefly like to
      > > speak to you about
      > > today.
      > >
      > > Much as I respect and admire the Afghan people, as
      > a
      > > Pakistani I can
      > > only want, first and foremost, the best for my own
      > > country. For too
      > > long we have all stood as silent spectators and
      > > watched as Pakistan's
      > > political and economic development and progress is
      > > sacrificed on
      > > the altar of a foreign policy wanting to support
      > one
      > > or other Afghan
      > > faction and committing excesses of interference,
      > > which has only
      > > encouraged other neighbouring states to step up
      > their
      > > interference in
      > > Afghanistan.
      > >
      > > Pakistan played a heroic role in supporting the
      > Afghan
      > > people's
      > > resistance to the invasion by Soviet troops in
      > 1979.
      > > At great risk to
      > > its own integrity Pakistan hosted millions of
      > Afghan
      > > refugees,
      > > allowed its soil to be used for Western military
      > > supplies to the
      > > Afghan Mujheddin and internationally advocated the
      > > territorial
      > > independence and integrity of the Afghan state.
      > Why is
      > > it today that
      > > every ordinary Afghan you speak to has not a kind
      > word
      > > to say about
      > > Pakistan ? In fact since Kabul fell to the
      > Mujheddin
      > > in 1992 our
      > > policies have created a wave of criticism and even
      > > hatred for
      > > Pakistan amongst many Afghans. The majority of
      > Afghans
      > > blame us for
      > > being the single biggest contributor to the
      > continuing
      > > war in their
      > > homeland. Today we stand isolated in the community
      > of
      > > nations due to
      > > our Afghan policy. We stand isolated in the region
      > as
      > > all our
      > > neighbours condemn our policies, while they send
      > > munitions to
      > > opposing factions in Afghanistan.
      > >
      > > Let us not beat around the bush here. For the past
      > ten
      > > years
      > > successive elected and non-elected governments in
      > > Islamabad have
      > > poured munitions and logistic backing in support
      > of
      > > first one and
      > > then another Afghan faction. Quite separately
      > during
      > > the past seven
      > > years, between 50-60,000 young Pakistani militants
      > > have gone to fight
      > > in Afghanistan. Many have died there never to
      > return,
      > > many have
      > > participated in the worst ethnic and sectarian
      > > massacres that have
      > > taken place in Afghanistan's history. Pakistani
      > > interference has
      > > contributed to the enormous human suffering in
      > > Afghanistan. Pakistani
      > > munitions have helped destroy Afghan cities and
      > > villages and given
      > > the justification for other neighbouring countries
      > to
      > > do the same. I
      > > ask you here today, with such policies have we
      > > embraced the Afghan
      > > people or have we created more hatred for
      > ourselves
      > > and tension in
      > > the region. As Afghanistan's largest neighbour,
      > should
      > > Pakistan have
      > > a policy and a role as a peace maker by treating
      > all
      > > Afghan ethnic
      > > groups equally or should we continue to take sides
      > in
      > > their war ?
      > >
      > > Today Afghanistan is utterly destroyed, there is
      > no
      > > functioning
      > > state, the humanitarian crisis there is the
      > gravest in
      > > the world, the
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    • Tariq Mahmood
      Zmarak Wrora! As-salamo alaikum, Haji Ajoon Khan Jadoon is a very genuine person. He is utterly sincere and very young at heart. Believe me he, despite his age
      Message 33 of 33 , Aug 8, 2001
        Zmarak Wrora!
        As-salamo alaikum,

        Haji Ajoon Khan Jadoon is a very genuine person. He is utterly sincere and
        very young at heart. Believe me he, despite his age leaves us all behind in
        his devotedly working for the people. He is from that generation of
        politicians when things were not very bad. However, he continues to earn his
        living by carrying on some small business. At this age he does not want to
        be a dependent on his three sons [all doctors]. Ajoon Khan was very close
        with President Ayub Khan but did not seek any personal benefits from him.
        Once when the the president forced him to ask for a favour he instead
        demanded opening up of 34 primry schools for the Gadoon people. He also
        asked and got a quota of two seats each in medical and engineering colleges
        at Peshawar. We call him Sir Syed Ahmad Khan of Gadoon area. To tell you
        fact he is the only person majority of people would agree when selecting
        some one for a position of honour where material benefits are not there.

        Ajoon Khan has recorded his life history [most of it] on audio, which I
        helped him transcribed into written shape. I hope he completes the remaining
        portion on return from US. We will like it to be published. He is a very
        good narrator of stories and has a sharp memory too.

        Zmarak Khana, Allah Ta'ala de tal khush'hala lara. khad aw abad osai.
        Staso, Tariq
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