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Re: [PIN] Re: True hypocrisy

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  • Saghir A. Tahir
    I appeaciate your constructive approach. From birth to death there are thousands of human needs. Most are fulfilled by education and employment. Everyone
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 23, 2000
      I appeaciate your constructive approach. From birth to death there are
      thousands of human needs. Most are fulfilled by education and employment.
      Everyone should do whatever he/she can. It is not a charity. It our duty and
      the right of those who do not have. It is Islam.
      Saghir A. Tahir, Manchester, NH
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      From: Michael Weinert <miguel-e@...>
      To: <pakgovnetwork@egroups.com>
      Sent: Saturday, April 22, 2000 1:29 PM
      Subject: Re: [PIN] Re: True hypocrisy

      > Just because someone is working on this problem does not mean they are not
      working on other problems. This list is focused on Pakistan. So much your
      complaint really does'nt take this into account. There are many people are
      working on all these problems. I write letters to authorities several times
      a week on many problems - local, national and international. It's not us
      vs. us. You should direct your complaints to the appropriate authorities
      and appropriate lists and contribute your time and money to those issues
      rather than tearing down others work. You may want to look into Doctors
      without Borders or Habitat for Humanity. If you have an engineering degree
      you may volunteer your expertise. Businessman? likewise. If you have
      money you might volunteer your money. If you are a clerk, as I am, you may
      only have time and money to study, write and discuss and send a few dollars
      to whichever problem strikes your fancy when I have to have some to spare.
      Each does as he o!
      > r she can.
      > Of course you are correct - there are problems with education,
      sanitary water, et cetera. Good point. So what are your constructive
      > And what do you think the effect of living in these conditions are
      when one's sister or mother has been killed by ones own family in misplaced
      anger? Has a woman in your family been murdered? This is the topic
      under discussion.
      > miguel-e
      > <<< pakistanman1@... 4/21 7:09p >>>
      > What a classic example of two faced hypocracy!!!!How
      > about writing to UN secretary General & the white
      > house?????? The Arabs & muslims have considerable vote
      > clout..they should get together & protest against the
      > barbarous US sanctions against the muslim people of
      > Iraq.Iraqis are dying but the thousands due to US
      > policy....but people are concentrating all their
      > efforts on "honour killings" in Pakistan.Well US
      > warplanes are killing IRAQI WOMEN TOO!!!! Now since
      > the word "women" is there...there may be some positive
      > re-action to lift sanctions on muslim Iraqis.
      > And for the information of all those going gungho
      > about
      > eradication of"honour killings in Pakistan"....There's
      > a long way to go...& these killings will not disappear
      > just because there is a letter campaign going
      > on.Honour killings can never be eradicated from
      > Pakistan's 80,000 villages...until & unless.....the
      > people are educated & given a better opportunity for a
      > better life.The villagers do not have clean water,
      > electricity,halfway decent homes,effective schools, or
      > hospitals to name a few depriviations....do you think
      > they care about honour killings?????????? They have
      > been going on for centuries in the East & in the West
      > too in the form of incidents whan enraged husbands
      > kill paramours of their wives in a jealous
      > rage!!!!!That's an honor killing...how about
      > eradicating this kind of honour killings in the West
      > too??????? but this won't get any attention because in
      > the western style honour killings...men are killed!!
      > If you seriously want to eradicate "honour
      > killings"...in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh,Afghanistan
      > & Africa & most Arab countries...start educating the
      > people!!!!! and treat murder as murder....no matter
      > who kills who for whatever reason.
      > --- Chaudary Saab <saab_c@...> wrote:
      > > UNITED NATIONS deplores Afghan bombings BUT BACKS US
      > >
      > > UNITED NATIONS, Feb 17: Secretary-General Kofi Annan
      > > deplored on Thursday
      > > "indiscriminate bombing" in Afghanistan's Panjshir
      > > Valley that he said
      > > resulted in the death of eight civilians last
      > > Monday.
      > > In a statement issued through a UN spokeswoman, Mr
      > > Annan said the bombing
      > > had "horrendous repercussions for the civilians in
      > > the area," as well as for
      > > internally displaced persons and humanitarian
      > > agencies.
      > >
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