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20284RE: [PAINTERWORLD] Problem with fonts/text in Painter X3 & P 12 - ALL CAPS

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  • Linda Levy
    Dec 15, 2013
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      So I’m confused a bit; I’ve described, in detail, all the pertinent problems, with OS, etc. and provided this info to the Corel Service Team (at least 3 times!).  Don’t they pass this info onto other entities within Corel?  I’ll try the PainterFactory route, but am really very disappointed by Corel’s lack of help / response.   And I am a long-time Painter user / lover.



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       Hi Linda,


      I'll definitely mention the text issue regarding the confusing font menu to my friends at Corel. I would recommend you post a detailed, precise note on the PainterFactory.com forum. Painterfactory is run by Corel and they do read and take note of what people say. The most effective type of communication to get a problem like this addressed is to post a very detailed, precise information. Explain exactly what equipment, OS and versions you are using. describe what you're trying to do and then exactly what the problem is you are running into, with screen captures if possible. I would also suggest you describe your ideal solution. Let them know what you would ideally like the font menu to do: change everytime you select a different text layer or show the last font selected?


      The Painter team are working very hard on making Painter X3 even better and I am sure they'll very much welcome your detailed input and suggestions on this.






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