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20280Problem with fonts/text in Painter X3 & P 12 - ALL CAPS

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  • lindaalevy1984
    Dec 14, 2013

      I'm on a PC, running Windows Vista, and have the same problem on X3 and 12.  I've reinstalled and patched, and the text works fine ONCE, then reverts back to ALL CAPS, no matter what I am doing.    It also doesn't identify the font....I have a .rif file with the text in layers, and in P-11, you select the text layer, and it shows you what font you used.  Now, in both X3 and P-12, it just shows the 1st font in the list. 

      I have a student who is using a MAC who also has this problem.

      I wrote to Corel Help, and they told me to reinstall, cleanup, etc., and I did all that they asked, and still have the problem.  Makes both versions unusable for graphic design, so I'm still using P-11 to do most of my work.  And despite my many communications with the Corel Help, they are unresponsive.

      Any suggestions are gratefully received.  Thanks

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