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20268What is the Place command?

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  • blen8354
    Apr 17, 2013
      I am working through "Impressionistic portraits with watercolors" tutorial by Karen Bonaker and have a question about her reference shown below about the Place command. I have looked every where in Painter 12 help and was unable to locate the command. I was unable to locate her email address and hoped someone could tell me where this command is located in Painter 12. I am very new to this Corel product and appreciate any assistance you could render.

      Thanks in advance.

      Al Blencoe.

      Quote from Kanren tutorial that references Place Command twice

      I mentioned that you can literally use anything for textures. Let's look at another way to apply texture to your watercolor paintings. The Place command can be used to simply import a texture to a layer. Because you are adding the texture to a layer you can continue to experiment with additional layer composite methods for some very exciting results.

      For my final texture, I used the Place command to add a watercolor texture to a new layer and changed the Composite Method to Gel. Layers remain non-destructive and you can erase the areas that you do not want to reveal in the final painting.
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