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[Raven Croaks] Patchouli: A Potent Magickal Botanical

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  • Raven Womack
    http://ravencroaks.blogspot.com/ Patchouli (Pogosteon patchouli, Pogostemon cablin) Patchouli is, at least in my opinion, one of the most valuable and
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      Patchouli (Pogosteon patchouli, Pogostemon cablin)
      Patchouli is, at least in my opinion, one of the most valuable and versatile herbs to have in your magickal cabinet; both in herb and oil form. It’s peculiar in that most people have a very definite feeling about the herb; one way or the other. Many people have very strong feelings about the scent of patchouli and to be sure it does have a very strong and particular scent. Few are ambivalent about it; most either love it or hate it. The bad thing is that those who love it generally assume that everyone loves it as much as they do. I’m sure many of you know exactly what I mean; that guy who douses himself with an incredible amount of the strongest patchouli oil he can find knowing to his core that it drives women crazy. Funny thing is they don’t seem to get that it’s not the kind of crazy they’re looking for. Don’t get me wrong, I love patchouli for a variety of reasons and a variety of uses but I am the first to say that more often than not people who wear it as a personal scent tend to wear WAY to much of it.
      In the 1960’s and 70’s patchouli was a favorite scent among the “generation of love” earning it a deserved reputation as a hippie scent. Used to cover the aroma of unwashed bodies and marijuana it is perhaps through this overuse in these times that some people became so passionate about their love or hate for the scent. Even today it still has the reputation as being an effective disguiser of the scent of marijuana. Just a few years ago I was driving through Utah on my way to a trade show in Colorado when we got pulled over by the highway patrol. Our van was full of product samples for the show and you could smell the patchouli. That smell had the direct result of having the whole car searched as the barely pubescent officer explained to me that patchouli was used to cover up the smell of marijuana so he suspected that we were transporting the illegal herb.

      Unless you live in a tropical rainforest or jungle you won’t really be able to cultivate the plant. Of course a good quality greenhouse would do the job but due to the ease of acquiring both the herb and the oil growing it to use as an ingredient isn’t really practical although if you live in South Florida you might be able to give it a go. About ten years ago I actually acquired a seeding of my own. I still lived in Los Angeles and I was hoping to be able to grow it just for my own personal satisfaction. I nursed it and loved it and it did very well until one night the whole of the plant was ravaged by horde of un-merciless slugs. All that was left after their onslaught was but the twig of the main stem covered in unmistakable slug slime.
      Traditional lore as well as my own personal experience has it that patchouli is good for love, lust and prosperity. It’s an herb of attraction to be sure and one that is often used in conjunction with other herbs or oils. Both the herb and the oil have a wonderfully rich and earthy scent that blends well with many other botanicals. It’s also effective in fertility workings and can be used as a substitute when a spell calls for graveyard dirt. Another use is in jinx or spell breaking formulas. The Elemental association is Earth but there do seem to be those who associate it with Fire. From my own extensive personal experience I will tell you that it is definitely an Earth herb; I don’t understand how anyone can smell its aroma or hold the herb in your hand and say that it’s not an Earth herb. It’s feminine and associated with the planet Saturn.
      If you like to mix your own oils don’t be afraid to try some patchouli oil in your blends even if you think you hate it. When the earthy and sometimes even sharp scent blends with other oils it adds a wonderfully deep and almost musky quality to the blend not to mention it’s very potent energetically. Patchouli is one of those wonderful oils that work not only energetically but also emotionally making it all the more valuable. It’s also used in holistic aromatherapy for skin care, nerve stimulation and endocrine issues among other things. It’s also an effective insect repellant and has been used for centuries for that purpose.
      Once upon a time the oil was quite inexpensive but the last ten years or so the price has fluctuated quite a bit. The essential oil price can vary depending on the country of origin as well as the age. Patchouli is one of those oils that actually improve with age. That being said, even expensive patchouli isn’t that expensive when you compare it to the price of some other essential oils. Sadly it’s also often mislabeled in that it’s sometimes labeled as natural when in fact it’s not or it’s highly diluted. Many companies mix patchouli oil with either other natural oils or even synthetic ones to lower the price and soften the sharpness of a young oil. There are also lots of synthetic patchouli oils out there too and to the unfamiliar nose it may be hard to tell. Your best shot at getting true, undiluted essential oil is to buy it from someone you trust.
      The herb on the other hand is relatively inexpensive and is a wonderful addition to incense and charm bag herb blends. I’ve even used it in magickal potpourri. Using the herb in a bath infusion is a great rejuvenator and can help clear confusion while easing a troubled mind. The Chinese use patchouli herb in a number of their over the counter patent remedies including one that I am never without that is wonderful for all sorts of digestive system issues.
      At Raven’s Flight we sell the cut & dried herb in both ½ oz and 4 oz sizes. We sell the pure, undiluted and unadulterated essential oil in 1 dram and 2 dram bottles. I also make a house blend of patchouli and honey amber that is very popular called Royal Patchouli that is available as an oil, stick and cone incense, soap, lotion, body wash, room & body spray and candles. All patchouli products are 20% off from Sunday, March 31, 2013 through Saturday, April 6th, 2013. No promo or coupon code needed. So if you've never used it now's a good time to try some and if like me you use it a lot now's a good time to stock up!
      Happy Crafting!
      Raven Womack
      Raven’s Flight
      The Magickal Apothecary

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