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      Summer Learning Starts in May


      Foundations, Certificate & Master's-level courses May 20 - Aug 25


      Contemporary Global Paganisms

      Intro to the wide variety of Paganisms being practiced around the world. We will challenge scholarly definitions of Paganism and our own personal ones by attempting to trace common threads between many disparate traditions. Students will familiarize themselves with descriptions of contemporary Paganisms, then explore to gain first-hand experience with traditions not their own. 
      This is a required class for all Master's students and will not be offered again until Fall 2014.
      Master's level

      Mondays 8 pm E

      Goddess: Prehistory to Present 

      From at least the Neolithic, Goddess has been represented across continents through symbol and form. Through art and artifact, we will examine her history and co-create meaning for today, learning from the cultures of Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Europe lost pieces of our own story. We will also engage in relevant discussions concerning myth and language, bringing ourselves current in the academic discourse around women's roles and Goddess' power.
      Master's and PCE level

      Mondays 9pm ET.
        More Info & Register

      Introduction to Fundraising

      Pagans in today's society are hard at work building the resources that will make their traditions sustainable for years to come, and that takes funding.  All fundraising comes back to some basic concepts about relationships. Learn to understand one of the greatest taboos in western society and in so doing lose your fear of fundraising. Students will design and get feedback on their own project. The instructor has many years of experience as a nonprofit consultant and former CFRE (Certified Fund Raising Executive).
      A Foundations Course
      Wednesdays 8pm ET
      Four weeks May 20 - June 16



      Paganism 101

      You may have heard of Wicca, but do you know what Druids do? How about Asatru? And what the heck is Discordianism? Paganism 101 will give you an overview of different ways of being Pagan, and help you avoid some of the controversies and pitfalls of this young/ancient religion. Learn about the major branches of the traditions, participate in rousing discussions, and meet fellow seekers. This class is appropriate for the non-pagan, the beginner, or simply the curious..
      A Foundations Course

      Sunday 7:00 pm ET
      Four weeks Jul 16 - Aug 11

      Goddess & God: Archetypes in Arthurian Legend

      Explore the feminine and masculine archetypes revealed in the tales of King Arthur, with particular attention to how these archetypes manifest in our own lives. Are you Guenevere? Morgaine of the Fairies? Morgaine's mother Igraine? Viviane, High Priestess and Lady of the Lake? Perhaps you are Lancelot, Elaine, or Arthur himself. Discover and explore your own inner Camelot in this fascinating 4-week course..
      A Foundations Course

      Tuesdays 8PM ET
      Four weeks Jun 17 - Jul 14


      Leadership I

      Some choose the role of leader and some lead out of necessity or are catapulted there through crisis. Moving beyond "being in charge" to authentic leadership requires personal reflection and development, strong communication skills, advocacy, community building, problem solving and bridge-building, as well as the willingness and ability to develop the leadership potential in others. The characteristics of authenticity, integrity and spiritual depth, among others, are what lend credibility to leaders, particularly spiritual leaders. These qualities help to make the vision offered by individuals trustworthy and meaningful in community. In this way, spirit-through people-moves into action, is sustained and transforms.
      Master's level

      Sundays 9 pm ET




      Human Development Across the Life Span 

      From a humanistic perspective this course is designed to facilitate insight into the phases of human development from infancy to death. Through various readings of the different theories of personality drawn from the past 70 years of interest in this topic beginning with Freud, continuing through the mid-20th century humanistic approach, to the new developments in brain science.  

      Master's level

      Thursdays, 2:00 PM ET

      Spring Symposium   

       The Sacred Lands and Spiritual Landscapes Symposium brings together three noted scholars for a day and a half of presentations, paper panels and discussion.
      Don't miss this rare opportunity to meet Dr. Ronald Hutton here in the U.S. and to personally engage scholars Hutton, Leader and Griffin during the symposium as well as at social events like drumming, a tour of the historic old USC campus, and dinners with colleagues.  Friday reception with religious studies and anthropology colleagues at neighboring university departments.




      Looking for a full semester of rich learning and interaction with diverse peers?

      Contemporary Global Paganisms

      Human Development Across the Life Span

      Goddess Prehistory to Present

      Leadership I


      Looking for a shorter class on specific topics?   


       Check out our Foundations courses  


      Four weeks long, Foundations are offered during three sessions each semester.   


      Introduction to Fundraising
      Goddess & God: Archetypes in Arthurian Legend
      Paganism 101 


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