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RE: Teaching Traditions, Children-Youth, & Ronald Hutton at CHS

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      Subject: Teaching Traditions, Children-Youth, & Ronald Hutton at CHS


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      Teaching Traditions, Children-Youth, & Ronald Hutton at CHS


      Spring Three runs from the week of March 11 -- the week of April 7


      Teaching Pagan Traditions 

      Teaching strategies in contemporary Pagan traditions include classrooms, workshops, coven and small group training, one-on-one apprenticeships, distance study, and more. These strategies provide wildly different experiences for both teachers and students. Not only do the styles have distinct advantages and disadvantages for conveying specific skills, but the ethical pitfalls and boundary issues of the different relationships vary. In this class, we will explore five models of teaching, learn about pedagogical techniques, consider the ethical obligations of teaching relationships, and discuss how to evaluate potential students and teachers.  
      A Foundations Course

      No class meetings Spring Three

      Sacred Lands and Spiritual Landscapes

      April 12-13, 2013

      in Columbia, SC
      In today's post-modern, urbanized world, where everything is a commodity, how and where do Pagans find their sacred places?  How should we protect and maintain these sites?  In colonized worlds, how do we avoid the appropriation of these lands?  If Goddess is immanent in nature, what makes some places more sacred than others?  How is our spirituality shaped by the land and our relationship with the land shaped by our spirituality?  Brings together three noted scholars for a day and a half of presentations, paper panels and discussion. Don't miss this rare opportunity to meet Dr. Ronald Hutton here in the U.S. and to personally engage scholars Hutton, Leader and Griffin during the symposium as well as at social events like drumming, a tour of the historic old USC campus, and dinners with colleagues.
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      Kids, Gods, & Guardians 

      Prepares Pagan leaders to engage with young people on a spiritual level. It is important that Pagan communities include age-appropriate activities and resources for all involved. This class offers strategies for Pagan ministry as students consider ways to serve children, youth, and young adults with successful, thoughtful ministry, including appropriate bridging ceremonies and programs. Areas of Pagan youth ministry include raising children Pagan, youth programming at Pagan festivals, coming of age ceremonies, and campus ministry.

      A Foundations Course 

      Thursdays 9:00 PM ET, Spring Three  




      Looking for a full semester of rich learning and interaction with diverse peers?

      Check out our




      Soul Work 

      Pagan Apologetics I 

      Science & Paganism 

      Paganism & the Body 

      Practical Chaplaincy

      Earth Advocacy 

      Group Theory & Dynamics


      Looking for a shorter class on specific topics?   


      Check out our Foundations courses 


      Four weeks long, Foundations are offered during three sessions each semester.   


      Eastern European Traditions  

      Effective Web Site Development 

      Toward An Engaged Spirituality 

      Pagan Elders & Ancestors: Starhawk 

      Teaching Pagan Traditions 


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