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USB Flash Disk VOIP Phone

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  • paulkopel@virtualmanpowerhosting.com
    Attention Carriers Reseller/Distributor welcome. Mobile USB flash memory voip phone Mobile usb flash memory voip phone is a USB phone embedded with
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 1, 2006
      Attention Carriers

      Reseller/Distributor welcome.

       Mobile USB flash memory voip phone


      Mobile usb flash memory voip phone is a USB phone embedded with 128M/256/512 memory drive. Once you plug it into your computer’s USB port, the softphone stored in memory drive will auto run without any additional installation, login in the account stored automatically, and then you can make VoIP calls.
      1. Compatible USB 1.1 with 2.0.
      2. Compatible USB AUDIO DEVICE criterion Ver1. 0.
      3. Supporting the playback and recording, the sampling rate is 48K and 44.1K.
      1. Stored voip software, keep users from deleting operation, prevent the virus breakage.
      2. Auto run softphone on pc.
      3. Logon the platform system of SKYPE and other voip system supplier, do authentication directly through USB disk.
      - The MOBILE USB DISK:
      1. Match USB 1.1 standard, compatible USB 2.0.
      2. Supporting FLASH capacity of 32 MB, 64 MB , 128 MB, 256MB, 512MB.
      - With the accounts information stored in USB Disk, users can call any kinds of telephones by a PC which connecting with Internet:
      1. User ID and the password encrypted and stored in the hidden sub area of USB disk.
      2. The related network settings are stored in the USB disk hidden sub area.
      3. Advertisement, telephone record and address book can directly saving into the sub area of USB disk.
      - Software Security:
      1. The software auto run while USB disk plug into PC (relate to the Windows Autorun setting), when the USB disk pull out, the software close up automatically.
      2. All users’ data and setting are saved in hidden sub area; they could not be viewed or modified through explorer.
      - Integrating the softphone
      The VOIP services provider can use software tools from EUROTECH, and make their softphone (such as SKYPE, the neuf tele-communication etc) into UDISC VOIP PHONE according to their own requirements.
      - What product solutions can we offer to voip service provider?

      The VOIP services provider may send us the softphone and other voip software, we will integrate it into memory flash of udisc voip phone, meanwhile we will test it complete according to our customer’s requirements. If we test it successful, we want to send the samples to our customer so that they can test our voip device also. If our customers want to use their own model to produce this product, they will offer the model to us or we can design the model according to their requirement. So we can offer this product solution for our customer.


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