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Portland's Attack Chorus

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    Oregon Live.com You ve been waiting for it. I ve been waiting for it. Here it is. A chorus that shows up unannounced, at a moment s notice, wherever the city
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 12 3:45 AM
      Oregon Live.com

      You've been waiting for it. I've been waiting for it. Here it is. A
      chorus that shows up unannounced, at a moment's notice, wherever the
      city urgently requires choral music. A street-renaming rally. A tram
      wedding. A tree sit-in.

      "Portland loves big public displays, big surprises and big voices,"
      claims founder Stephen Marc Beaudoin, who says he can't think of
      anything Portland needs more than a "crazed chorus ready to attack the
      city on a moment's notice."

      I can't, either.

      The Portland Pick-up Choir (He should come up with a better name, like
      Bill Crane did a few years ago with his Portland Musical Swat Team.
      That's not quite it, but it's close.) debuts later this month "at an
      event which may or may not be announced in advance to the public."

      Beaudoin, a singer, writer (Willamette Week, CrossCut) and director
      who blogs at From Every Corner, hastily assembled his first raucous
      group for "Ten Tiny Dances" at PICA's TBA festival last September.
      JustOut called the choir's appearance a "tear-inducing moment."

      That could be good or bad; we'll assume good.

      Anyway, the chorus has no fixed membership and is open to anyone who
      wants to sing in public. It's very fluid, apparently, so if you want
      to twist and shout, email Beaudoin at pickupchoir@...

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