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Forming a new vocal band in Portland OR

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  • Eric Chung
    Hey all, After moving to Portland OR a year ago from Boston, I ve become convinced there is a need for a new vocal band! I m a long-time a cappella vet (age
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 3, 2008
      Hey all,

      After moving to Portland OR a year ago from Boston, I've become
      convinced there is a need for a new vocal band!

      I'm a long-time a cappella vet (age 33) who is a screaming
      baritenor, songwriter, arranger, director, and decent VP. I
      produced some fifty arrangements when I was in the Harvard
      Veritones, directed a NY semi-pro group that placed in the Harmony
      Sweeps, and founded and directed two other vocal bands that have
      outlived my participation. I'm a serious and reasonably prolific
      songwriter who is chronically working on the solo a cappella CD. I
      have judged ICCA shows. I'm also a violinist, and I dabble in
      guitar and piano.

      I'm looking to start up a 6 or 7 person, part-time, co-ed vocal band
      that rehearses every Sunday evening at my house in NE Portland, and
      performs about once a month wherever and whenever we can. The aim
      is to have fun, not expect to make money or hit it big with a
      recording contract.

      I'd like to start with the radio play pop sound but very soon add
      some funk. Go to www.myspace.com/dtxboston for examples of what I'm
      looking for. "Why Not Tomorrow" is a good example of my songwriting
      style and the radio pop sound I mean; "Higher and Higher" is a cover
      that scratches the surface of the funk side. I hope to quickly
      establish the initial group sound from my personal library of
      originals and arrangements (plus those of other band members) and go
      from there. We'd all perform on individual mics. (I don't have
      much in the way of equipment so there would be some group purchasing

      I'm looking for most voice parts: bass, VP who can solo from time to
      time, one baritone or tenor, and 2-3 power altos (or a soprano who
      can really belt). I'd like to assemble people who all have a great
      ear, can blend on syllables ranging from pretty to ugly, have
      serious soul, and really want to build a vocal band that might have
      non-collegiate a cappella singers and isn't just an extension of
      their college group. I'm seeking laid-back, friendly, intelligent
      folks somewhere in the age range of 25-40. Arranging, songwriting,
      and improv skills are also a nice-to-have, but not a must.

      If you're interested, or know someone who is, please email me at
      eric_chung@.... Thanks!

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