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A new a cappella radio program - and it's online, too!

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  • therainyknights
    Hello, fellow acappellaheads! I m Ramsay RC Cowlishaw, former member of Portland Oregon s very own Rainy Knights - and I ve recently moved away to the
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 25, 2006
      Hello, fellow acappellaheads!

      I'm Ramsay "RC" Cowlishaw, former member of Portland Oregon's very
      own "Rainy Knights"- and I've recently moved away to the little
      mountain town of La Grande Oregon- home to Eastern Oregon
      University, and its radio station KEOL-FM.
      Join me every Sunday afternoon from Noon-3pm (PST) for "Naked
      Noise", a show dedicated to vocal harmony in all its forms. Each
      week I'll be playing a variety of music from a cappella, gospel,
      vocal jazz, doo-wop and world music: if there's harmony involved,
      you may get to hear it! I'll also have a spotlight feature in the
      middle of my show focusing on either a theme or a specific artist!
      I know that most of you don't have a radio NEAR powerful enough to
      pick up our signal, but don't despair! My show is STREAMING over the
      world wide web via this site:


      You can feel free to call in requests at (541)962-3333 or simply
      send me an email at therainyknights@...

      Hey groups! If I don't have your CD, send one off to me- I'd be more
      than happy to play it and share- perhaps I'll even do a phone
      interview! Our playlists are logged with CMJ and other music
      services, so your names get out there!

      I'll try my best to get playlists copied, so if you wish to have
      copies of my playlist, send me an email.

      Next week (October 29): My 2:00 focus will be on scary/Hallowe'en-
      themed acappella/doo-wop!
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