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moosebutter hiring full-time vocalist

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  • Tim Jones
    moosebutter seeks bass for full-time position beginning June 2006 maybe a different voice part cuz one of us can sing bass, too, but he doesn t really want
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 5, 2006
      moosebutter seeks bass for full-time position beginning June 2006

      maybe a different voice part 'cuz one of us can sing bass, too, but he
      doesn't really want to. So I guess you can inquire if you are not of
      the bass persuasion. Or if you're a bass in The Persuasions.

      You: Bass singer, a cappella experience, preferably able to percuss
      (limited) at the same time, and of course you are an acutely
      intelligent person who will look smashing in a red jumpsuit and
      headband. Formal vocal training good, real-world performing experience
      nice, cooking skills a definite plus, comedy experience might be cool
      but it was probably just you doing an old Bill Cosby routine at your
      school talent show so that doesn't count, comedy and music
      improvisation skill also kosher, writing and arranging abilities blah
      blah brilliant sight-reader yada yada perfect pitch sumthin mumble
      michael bolton. If you are deft at live-animal eating or
      double-jointed-ness please keep it to yourself.

      Us: moosebutter

      The deal-ey-oh:

      Submit resume and audio samples by May 15, sooner if possible

      Please include a detailed list of experience and skills - list any all
      things you can bring to the group, including business areas.
      Instruments played, etc. Also, personal experience and favorite
      musical topics you would most like to present in context of an
      educational program, and how you would present them (musical examples
      singable by 3-4 dudes would be good here).

      Oooo! Oooo! Ooo! Also, yeah, if you are proficient at setting
      up/working sound equipment and/or recording and editing recordings,
      then we shall hug you tenderly, brush you with olive oil, and staple
      you to the wall so all generations can adore your skills.

      If we schedule an audition we'll expect you to learn a bunch of songs
      and come sing with us to see if we like you.

      More: We are clean-living (no drinking, no smoking, no drugs, no loose
      women, no kung-fu movies unless from the 70's) and expect our show and
      our business lives to reflect this. Foul humor, unethical behavior,
      poor role-modeling for kids will not be tolerated. There will be small
      kids on the road with us, and we'll be performing for lots of kids as
      well as families in addition to our sold-out arena shows with our
      opening band IRON MAIDEN. We don't even swear, so don't apply if
      that's too weird for you.

      You'll be expected to learn a lot of music and do a lot of shows
      quickly, jive with the chemistry and direction of the group, and
      occasionally prance like a noble antelope if that's what the paying
      public wants to see. Health and personal commitments should allow for
      rigorous touring regime.

      If hired, you will be asked to relocate to the Boulder, Colorado area,
      learn a ton of music on your own, take part in continuing voice lessons
      and musical study, and maintain your own happy life when not on the
      road or performing.

      Further details can certainly be discussed.

      www.moosebutter.com shows at moosebutter dot com (how you like THAT
      crafty dodging, spambots!!!!!)

      if there are any typos in here they're Glen's fault.
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