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RESCUE update 01/01/01

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    In This Issue: ======================== Link of the month Non Profit Status! Good News Tribute to Chad Krober Saving Grace! Updated Schedule
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      Rescue monthly newsletter 12/01/00
      — RESCUE monthly e-newsletter (01/01/01) —
      In This Issue:

      Non Profit Status! Good News
      Tribute to Chad
      Saving Grace!
      Updated Schedule

      Welcome to the e-newsletter for RESCUE. If you are new to this mailing, we are glad you are here! Inside you will find upcoming concerts, the latest news and other information that might not be posted on our web site.

      A new year has started and Rescue Ministries is looking forward to see what God has in store for us in 2001. It has always been our desire to let God lead us, and we pray that we continue that attitude in this New Year. We do have some goals that we are praying about and are excited about the possibility of. Probably the number one thing we heard that people would like us to accomplish is to put out a Christmas CD. We have strongly desired to put out another regular CD. It looks like we may attempt to do both, but we will put the Christmas CD first in priority to make sure it gets done in time.

      Some personal goals we have this year include sharing the gospel under the power of the Holy Spirit as often as we can. Towards the end of last year, we felt God really leading us to become bolder in sharing our faith in all kinds of situations. We want to see this continue to grow and we pray that God will reveal Himself to many through the ministry of Rescue.

      — Link of the Month —

      Great wisdom and insight can be found at January's link of fhe month. Randy Alcorn, who lives in our area, had a great ministry through the internet, a newsletter, and his national speaking. His office in Gresham, OR continually publishes useful material for people who know the Lord and for people who are searching to know Him. You can find more information about Randy and Eternal Perspective Ministries at:


      Your chance to support our ministry has arrived

      We are so excited to notify everyone that we are now a nonprofit corporation. For those of you who support us financially and for those of you who have considered giving, you will now be able to receive a tax-deduction based on your support.

      We have sent out a notification letter to those of you on the snail-mail list that you should be receiving shortly. If you have questions, please feel free to call us Mon-Fri • 8am-5pm @ 503-730-9874. We would love to tell you more about our ministry and where we are headed. You can also find some information on our web site.


      It's been over a year since Chad felt lead by the Lord to leave Rescue and pursue other things the Lord had in store for him. Chad's education is extremely important to him, and his masters is next on his list of educational stepping stones.

      Each member of the group has been special to be in ministry with, and Chad was no exception. His insight on many issues was so valuable. He was an example in so many ways. Chad put his relationship with God and his wife first, and this was clearly evident to those around him. On stage, Chad was a leader, and more times than not, the group fed on his energy and command as we sung. I am sure he has heard this before, but I think he would be surprised if he knew how many people have made comments that when Rescue lost Chad, we lost something special. Chad had an ability to just open his mouth and flat out sing pretty. You could feel the emotion in scripture spoken by Chad and the text of a song would come alive when he sang. I learned a lot about musicality and stage presence by the privilege of sharing in ministry with Chad.

      Personally, I had built up a special relationship with Chad. We had the chance to meet several times (usually at Dairy Queen over a blizzard) and sharpen one another in our walks with Christ, our role as husbands, and lift one another up in prayer on various subjects in our lives.

      Chad's humor on stage was unpredictable and hilarious. Some of our fondest memories include times when he went a direction we were not quite expecting, and the humor that followed has lasted with us forever.

      Last but not least, a song written by Chad has also remained dear to us. The song Rescue is such a solid song because he mined it straight from the Scriptures. He was always saying that the songs that last are the songs that are right out of the Bible, and he was right. Twenty years from now, the song Rescue (if it is still being sung, we'll be pretty old by then), will continue to be a source of encouragement and glorify our Savior! Thank you Chad, for your time vested in the ministry of Rescue and for using your gifts for the Lord.

      Jason McKenney
      (and the rest of us). Read more comments from other RESCUE members soon at www.rescueministries.com. Just click on Bios...

      A local group we had to tell you about

      Being from the northwest, quartets such as us are not very common. It is rare to hear a contemporary Christian quartet, and we are always on the look out for a good one to become a fan of. We found one. Their name is Saving Grace and they go to Warner Pacific College. Danielle, Beth, Tiffany and Chelsey are four extremely talented singers with very good blend. Though they do sing a cappella, they also have a fifth member who plays the piano on some of their pieces. Her name is Lisa and she is equally gifted in her musicianship. (Please know that I may have completely misspelled their names and for that I apologize.) They sing beautiful arrangements and some really fun ones as well. We have been trying for some time to get them to sing at one of our concerts, but schedules are tough to align with college students (we know, Mack's still in college). We still hold out hope that we will have the privilege to share the stage with them soon.

      We don't know if a CD is in the near future, but we do know that a member of the group is an aspiring song writer. You can bet we'll be first on the list to buy one if a CD comes out.

      If you are interested in speaking with Saving Grace or want them for a concert or wedding or whatever, please e-mail us and we will make sure to get them in contact with you! Or you can contact them directly by calling 503-235-2754.


      December 29th, 7:00pm
      Blazers vs. Grizzlies
      Singing National Anthem and Canadian Anthem
      Rose Garden

      January 7th, 10:55am, 6:00pm (morning service and evening concert)
      Milwaukie First Baptist Church
      10750 SE 42nd Ave
      Milwaukie, OR 97222

      January 13th & 14th (special music during worship services)
      Good Shepherd Community Church
      28986 SE Haley RD
      Boring, OR 97009

      January 19th, TBA
      Western Baptist College

      January 21st, 6:00pm (morning service and evening concert)
      Dayspring Christian Fellowship
      45354 NW Hartwick RD
      Banks, OR 97106

      February 4th, TBA
      Shilo Community Church
      Stanton, MI

      For a full listing of Rescue's schedule go to:

      Dates have a slight possibility of changing so it is a good idea to call the location a few days prior to the event. Also, the web site is updated daily (usually) so please check often.

      R e s c u e M i n i s t r i e s
      (503) 730-9874 / (801) 382-5806 FAX
      PO Box 1127, Gresham, OR 97030

      I am not ashamed of the Gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes: first for the Jew, then for the Gentile. R O M A N S 1:16
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