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Blue Jupiter Seeks BASS ASAP

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  • megasper
    Blue Jupiter needs a Bass Singer (our beloved J Lile has been offered a job with a southern gospel quartet - we wish him well!!) Requirements: Low Bb Full,
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 29, 2004
      Blue Jupiter needs a Bass Singer
      (our beloved J Lile has been offered a job with a southern gospel
      quartet - we wish him well!!)
      Low Bb
      Full, Rich tones
      Must be able to combo musically (drums and bass at same time)
      Soloing capabilities
      Rhythmically Tight
      Sense of "Pocket"
      Sings in tune
      Punchy and natural Syllable usage
      Can walk chord changes naturally
      Can make up great bass lines
      Self motivated
      20-28 Years Old
      Coordinated enough to step-touch
      Relocate to Nashville, TN ASAP

      You should be a dedicated, attractive male singer, between 20-28 years
      old, willing to relocate to Nashville, TN THIS MONTH! You should like
      to sing funk, pop, and rock, be able to carry several leads, and hold
      the tempo, key, and groove for an entire show. You need to be on
      time, alert, a good driver, and self motivated to learn and tune each
      note of every bass line you ever sing. You need to be able to make up
      bass lines that are interesting and appropriate. You need to be able
      to learn bass lines from recordings, with out having it written out
      for you. You must be comfortable talking and teaching young audiences
      about performing, singing, and touring. You may not be the best bass
      in the world, but you should want it so bad, that you won't sleep for
      months until you are.

      A little bout us: Blue Jupiter is a nationally touring vocal group.
      We use a guitar on some songs, piano, on some during the holidays, and
      have been toying around with hiring a drummer (a real one - not a VP)
      - so if you are a hard-core a cappella person, this isn't for you
      (although 90% of our show is still a cappella). We refuse to do
      crappy original music, we are not a comedy group, we do not market
      ourselves as a novelty. We are co-writing with some of Nashvilles
      finer songwriters, we are self-produced and self-managed. We do take
      this seriously. We have 2 albums out, we have a third on the way that
      could include YOU! We do pay everyone a salary, you would be paid
      an entry-level salary staring in August. It will be enough to live
      off of. We have 2 touring schedules - Christmas (Nov-Jan,1) and
      non-Christmas (all other months). Off the road, we are funny,
      friendly, trust-worthy, humbled by other talent, and appreciate good
      music. We like Grand Theft Auto, South Park, The Family Guy, and
      Comedy Central. We appreciate the fine cinematic qualities of Silent
      Night Deadly Night. We are honest with each other, and offesive at

      This is your chance to get out you current group that isn't going
      anywhere, or finally join one that is professional! No day jobs!
      After a few months, we may offer health benefits, profit sharing, and
      stock ownership. This is a great opportunity.

      Send me:
      A picture (taken in the last month)
      A resume or bio
      A CD with bass examples of funky lines, jazz changes, and driving rock
      stuff, a couple examples of you singing bass and drums at the same
      time and some lead examples
      A video with a performance sample within the past year.
      A reference or two that we can call

      Call me if you have questions
      Marty Gasper - Manager
      514 20 Ave North
      Fargo, ND 58102

      PS - please spread the word.
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