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87I'm New to Group

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  • lynary <gwpierce28@hotmail.com>
    Feb 3, 2003
      This sounds like a very interesting group.

      I'm not sure if anyone knows who Tim Storms is. Tim is the lowest
      bass singer in the world. He is in an A cappella group in Oregon
      called Rescue.

      Tim is in the Guinness Book of World Records for the lowest note
      produced by a human. His lowest note is just under 8 hertz, which is
      way, way off the bottom of the piano. He has got an almost 7 octave

      Tim used to sing in Acappella and then he sang for a show in Branson,
      Missouri for 7 years.

      Tim's web site is WWW.EIGHTHERTZ.COM. You can listen to Tim dive
      real low with his voice, but he doesn't sing on the web site. He has
      an incredible singing voice and can sing a pretty high lead as

      Rodney Britt is another incredible bass, but he is another story. He
      also used to sing in the Christian group Acappella.

      I am just a huge bass fan and I think A cappella type music is about
      the best in the world.