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115A Cappella Summit requests your opinion

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  • Primarily A Cappella
    Aug 22, 2003
      It's almost time for the 2003 West Coast A Cappella Summit and the planning
      team would like to get some input from YOU, the potential audience, as to
      what subjects you would like to learn more about.

      Also, we have a new daytime venue, Olney Hall and Auditorium on the campus
      of the College Of Marin, where we can we can run more sessions then
      previously over the two days of the event. Our standard sessions are in
      place and we have classes confirmed on areas of interest such as vocal
      percussion and contemporary arranging but we would like to hear from the a
      cappella community on other subjects that would interest them.

      The Showcase Concerts and Master Classes will take place as always but we
      have not yet determined the participating groups.

      If you would like to lead a a one-hour presentation, or have an idea/subject
      you'd like to see a session on, then please do send an email to:


      Paul Sinasohn (Assistant Producer / Programs Manager) will respond to you
      within 48 hours of receiving your note. We look forward to hearing from you.

      Thank you,

      John Neal

      Nov 8 ­ 9, San Rafael, California
      Tickets are now available 415-472-3500