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My first post and my big request

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  • aniutek2000
    Hi! I m probably not the only one who have learnt and admired Pablo Neruda s poetry since watching Il Postino. But I have really enjoyed reading and
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 30, 2004
      Hi! I'm probably not the only one who have learnt and admired Pablo
      Neruda's poetry since watching 'Il Postino.' But I have really
      enjoyed reading and listening to his poetry since the day I bought
      the soundtrack with not only music but poetry. And though the
      interpretations of the poems are not even there are some which I find
      absolutely wonderful. My favourite is 'Ode to the sea' read by Ralph
      Fiennes. When I listen to his voice I almost see the sea and listen
      to the sea. It is a beautiful poem and an excellent performance. The
      others I like are 'Poetry' and 'I Like For You To Be Still.'
      Beautiful voices of Miranda Richardson and Glen Close add much to the
      reading of these poems. The poem which is also very special for me,
      though I don't like the interpretation of Ethan Hawke is 'Fable of
      the mermaid and the drunks.' I'm a teacher and I'm going to prepare a
      lesson based on this poem and Andersen's fairy tale 'Little Mermaid.'
      But my big request is connected with 'Ode to the sea.' I don't have a
      written text of this poem, and though I've found the poem on the
      Internet, there were a lot of mistakes in it. I corrected it but I'm
      still aware of some probable errors. Could anyone be so kind and send
      me the correct version? I've been learning Spanish for some time so
      if you had additionally a Spanish original version, I would be very
      grateful. Thank you in advance. Bye for now, Anna
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