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3287Fwd: [Info] Back Country Horsemen Inception, June 4, 2017

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  • Monica Chapman
    Jun 14, 2017

    This is a really neat video about how BCHA got started.  We don’t have many projects in Central Region that are this remote but I think we can all agree how inspirational and the drive this group of people had to protect their horse trails.

    From Roland


    The following video covers the very beginning of Back Country Horsemen,
    an educational / service group of trail riding folks from across America,
    now with over 15,000 members in upwards of 170 clubs from the
    Atlantic Ocean to Pacific tidewater.

    See a few reviews:

    I love it. It’s classy. It’s authentic/accurate without sounding
    judgmental or biased. I also think it is valuable for the clubs going forward.
    You struck the tone you were looking for in terms of
    eliminating any “revisionist history” as well as accurately calling out
    the FS policy while showing how you offered solutions and ultimately
    worked together. The photos are an awesome record which aide in
    understanding the dynamic accomplishments of the club. It’s a wonderful
    tribute to the vision and will of the founders and the community of
    volunteers. It must have been difficult to pare down everything you
    wanted to say! I admire how you stay focused on the vision and
    contribution while sharing the accomplishment - classy. I’ll get back
    to it later, and post something at the bottom of the video when I have
    your permission to go public. Of course I’ll share with Sara Swift as
    soon as I get the okay and I’m going to post it to my page ‘cause it’s
    a big deal. Congratulations on producing the product that you were
    aiming for! -
    Cheri Johnson

    It is a great privilege to know these citizen advocate giants;
    the roll-up-the-sleeves and do stuff generation, the
    Back Country Horsemen. Take a listen to this fun history video
    and learn the template for citizen advocacy. -
    Dave Renfrow

    Every horseman that enjoys riding in the wilderness should
    give thanks to BCH for the work they have done to preserve the trail
    systems we enjoy today. They need your support. -
    Sharon Mares

    The video is available on both YouTube and Vimeo. Click the viewing
    vehicle of your choice: https://youtu.be/m27V3z8Bid8
    or https://vimeo.com/209591920

    And check out Roland’s Books http://www.rolandcheek.com/Rol andsStorefront.html