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AACVC Email Update

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  • David Pilkington
    AACVC E-Mail Update 17 January 2008 Volume 3, Number 1 Australian Aerobatic Club Victorian Chapter PO Box 2805 Cheltenham, VIC 3192 E-mail: AACVC Secretary
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 18, 2008

      AACVC E-Mail Update

      17 January 2008

      Volume 3, Number 1




      Australian Aerobatic Club

      Victorian Chapter

      PO Box 2805

      Cheltenham , VIC 3192




      AACVC Secretary


      We're on the Web!



      Non-members of the Club may receive this newsletter by simply registering at our website: http://vic.aerobatics.asn.au/

      (AACVC members will continue to receive just this newsletter by personal email – your registration at the website gives you greater access to club information.)

      If you're not sure or want to cancel your subscription – send an email to David.




      Happy New Year

      The aerobatic season is quite short this year so I encourage everyone to get stuck into flying now. By short, I mean the contest season – Easter is early this year with the Nationals late March. The Victorian Championships are only a few weeks away and we again expect a record number of entries. Not a lot of time to practice however so Guy has organized a full training camp on the long weekend 26-28 January.


      2007 saw more new members so make them welcome when you meet them at Tocumwal. If anyone has forgotten what it was like to turn up for the first time I recommend that you read this article by Diana Richards in the January 2008 edition of Sport Aerobatics.


      Welcome to Brian Knowles who joined most recently – he flies a Decathlon at Latrobe Valley.


      2007 also saw some new aeroplanes join the combined fleet owned by or available to members. Anyone counted up all the advanced aerobatic monoplanes in Victoria now? We hope to see them all at Tocumwal. That's not to play down the importance of the others that we'll see more of in the future – more Decathlons (well, OK, one is a standard Decathlon which will soon be a Super D), Airtourer T6 and the Alpha 160's. A yellow Pitts S-1S about to emerge from the Rolfe hangar.


      Of course, the Nationals is not the real end of the season – only about 25% of our members go to Parkes. About the same number (but not all of the same people) support the NSW Championships in Sept/Oct.


      This year, I hope to also get to the Qld Championships as well as to the USA a bit later in the year. Perhaps to the W.A. championships – sure to be more fun participating in that than watching Red Bull.


      On the intrigue front:  the AAC Vice President recently sent
      an email to AAC members alleging that some Victorian Chapter members
      received an email containing negative assertions relating to some
      members. I haven't seen the alleged email so can't comment on the
      content, but I do know that the same email was also received by other members of the AAC outside
      Victoria.  So it is not a regional chapter
      issue.  Now I hear rumours that some AAC members are discouraging others
      from attending both the Victorian Championships and the Nationals.

      Aerobatic pilots are a unique breed - I know I am. In my experience, the
      best way to address the occasional excess of ego, competitive tension
      and stubbornness that occasionally emerges is to simply not
      indulge in rumour and gossip.  Support those who are making a positive
      contribution and dismiss those who aren't. The winners will be those who
      continue to have fun and participate rather than those who complain and

      If you have any questions or comments to pass on or unsatisfied desires of an Aerobatic nature then please address them to your AACVC committee members, we are here to listen and help.


      All are welcome at the Victorian Championships. Tocumwal is in the "Sun Country on the Murray" – more sunshine than the Sunshine Coast, plenty for the family to do



      Whether you compete or not I hope to see all of the AACVC members at our events throughout the year.



      Training Camp

      Guy Hanby is organizing a training camp at Tocumwal on the January long weekend of the 26-28. Download the contest info pack from the website below for accommodation  details.

      Come along for some serious practice plus expert coaching and critiquing.


      When you arrive make sure you get a briefing prior to aerobatics so you know about the limited gliding operations, box location and radio procedures.

      Victorian Championships

      The information package and entry form for the 2008 Victorian Aerobatic Championships are now online at the AACVC website.

      http://vic.aerobatics.asn.au/ go to the Flying page.

      The contest will be held on 22-24 February, 2008 at Tocumwal, NSW. Practice earlier in the week as usual.

      Contest Director: Guy Hanby

      Chief Judge: David Pilkington

      It looks set to be a big contest again as usual with a record number of different aircraft participating

      Note that entries close on Friday, 8th February!

      Jurgis Dinner

      The 5 recalcitrants still haven't taken any notice of my gentle reminders. Last chance for those who haven't paid their share of the meal & drinks – please deposit the money in the Club bank account as requested by the Treasurer earlier in the year.


      The bank account details are:

      National Australia Bank - payments may be made at any branch.

      Account Name: Australian Aerobatic Club - Victorian Chapter

      BSB Number: 083-191 Account Number: 51-906-1723

      When making EFT payments, please include your name in the

      Description/Detail field so we know where the money came from.

      The Treasurer has commenced some firmer action.

      Club Meeting

      The next meeting is on Wednesday, 13th February which will be a Committee Meeting. Members are welcome to attend as observers as usual.

      Clubhouse, Second Street, Moorabbin Airport.

      7:30 pm followed by dinner and drinks at Amy's Bistro.

      Member Contact List

      Privacy laws require us to keep AACVC members' information confidential so we've established a secure section on our website which is only visible to members who have registered and logged in. Members may add their own contact details. Go to the


      Happy Flying


      David Pilkington 0421 918 065


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