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Re: Enigma 39: Running Rings

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  • Ann Burgess
    I ve done it - thanks!!! Don t know how I managed to miss something so simple. I d spent hours on it and even made a whole picture of the level using screen
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 1, 2004
      I've done it - thanks!!!
      Don't know how I managed to miss something so simple. I'd spent hours
      on it and
      even made a whole picture of the level using screen grabs so I could
      mark off the bits
      I'd tried!

      --- In oxyd@yahoogroups.com, "spike" <spike@p...> wrote:
      > Ann,
      > In the center of the puzzle there are some "clumps" of stones,
      check these out
      carefully as some are not as solid as they appear.
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      > From: Ann Burgess
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      > Sent: Tuesday, March 30, 2004 6:15 PM
      > Subject: [oxyd] re: Enigma 39: Running Rings
      > Amazing that most of the posts on this forum seem to be of the
      > can I get hold
      > of Bolo?; The PerOxyd Book?; Tubular Worlds?' etc. variety. It
      > me feel like some
      > sort of pond life to have to post a second request for help with a
      > level (though I recall
      > DongleWare's own forum seemed to be full of such requests. Maybe
      > rest of you
      > have all finished the levels you were stuck on and looking for
      > further entertainment (I wish!).
      > Well, here goes. Enigma, level 39 - Running Rings. I've found the
      > under the stone
      > near the top, which disappointingly only opens the middle lock.
      > used the coin to
      > work the slot machine to get into another of the Oxyds. I've also
      > bashed every single
      > stone in every direction, both hard and gently (including the
      ones in
      > the cul de sac
      > with a skeleton at the end), and tried wiggling about under all
      > direction stones.
      > Before I lose any more hair, please could somebody tell me how I
      > get the other
      > keys? I am using a Mac G4 and OS X.2, if that is relevant. Is this
      > one of those things
      > that only work on alternate Thursday nights at a quarter past
      > midnight? I can't bear to
      > leave a level and go on to the next one (my daughter thinks I'm
      > as she's tried
      > nearly all of the levels - for no longer than two minutes each!).
      > Any suggestions, please?
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