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Re: [owcp] Can I be thrown off WC?

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    Roger, Contact Howard Graham for a copy of the rules. He s an RPCV and an attorney and a good guy trying to help all of us. You should email him at:
    Message 1 of 15 , May 1, 2012
      Contact Howard Graham for a copy of the rules. He's an RPCV and an attorney and a good guy trying to help all of us.
      You should email him at: GrahamHL1@...
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      well i have not found any reg that were clear to understand ,most were one liners
      and the people at the DOL are not that great ;ask for a few instructions and was told to go on line .If i want to spend a day on line would not be calling them ;ther is not any thing on line i saw that can answer questions i have 'when i send in a appeal why cant the look it over and send it to me with some request to help me get it the way they want it. all they say is ;Did Not meet the burden of proof

      Roger D. Landry
      8565 Sugar Pine Place
      Tomball, TX 77375

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      All the regulationsand the law are online, and they are in plain language.  Also, the employees at the DOL will answer questions and are usually people of good will.  At very least they will direct you to the regulations and law you want to read.  You may not need an attorney.  You should have been informed of the reason for cutting you off.  If you have recovered, you may well be able to get a federal job, especially in your old agency, if they are hiring.  Remember that you can provide additional medical evidence if you disagree and think you have not recovered

        In my experience, the evidence of a specialist will override any other.
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      Subject: Re: [owcp] Can I be thrown off WC?

      You should write the Department of Labor for a copy of the rules or the handbook that has the current laws written out so if they kick you off, you have the rules with you to appeal.  I think any decision can be appealed.
      Andy Sterioff

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      Subject: [owcp] Can I be thrown off WC?

      I'm 65 and have been on worker's comp now for awhile due to respiratory problems from being around so many chemicals at my job. I've been working hard to improve my lung function but I'm worried that I'll be thrown off worker's comp if I completely succeed.

      At my age and in this job market, it could be very hard to get reemployed. If I have significant or complete improvement, will I get tossed? If so, could I get some kind of job with the federal government? Will I continue to get tested every two years?

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