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    In a message dated 4/13/2004 11:33:10 PM Eastern Standard Time, news@rpcv.org ... Hello Nancy, I have placed your announcement on the NPCA bulletin board and I
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      In a message dated 4/13/2004 11:33:10 PM Eastern Standard Time, news@... writes:

      Subj:Re: ill RPCV
      Date:4/13/2004 11:33:10 PM Eastern Standard Time
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      Hello Nancy,

      I have placed your announcement on the NPCA bulletin board and I can put
      something in the next issue of 3/1/61.

      I visited your yahoogroup list.  Are you aware of the legislation that was
      recently introduced by Henry Hyde that would include the creation of an
      ombudsman to help with cases such as yours?  Here is the item we recently
      ran about it on our listserv (which you can subscribe to for free,
      btw...follow the links off the Latest News on our home page...)


      Following the March 24th Congressional hearing on the issue of Peace Corps
      safety and security, the Chairman of the House International Relations
      Committee, Henry Hyde (R-IL), has introduced H.R. 4060 the "Health, Safety
      and Security of Peace Corps Volunteers Act of 2004".

      The legislation proposes:
      1)    The establishment of an Office of the Ombudsman for the Peace Corps;
      2)    The codification of an Office of Safety and Security (with a stated
      sense of Congress that each country where Peace Corps has a program should
      have a country security coordinator);
      3)    A study and assessment of the "Five Year Rule" for Peace Corps employment;
      4)    Reporting on the Office of Medical Services;
      5)    Reporting on the work assignments of Peace Corps volunteers, and;
      6)    The establishment of an independent Inspector General for Peace Corps.

      Those interested in reviewing the complete text of the legislation can go
      to this link: http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/bdquery/z?d108:h.r.04060: or
      enter bill "HR04060" at http://thomas.loc.gov.

      The NPCA will continue to monitor and report on developments pertaining to
      H.R. 4060.  To keep abreast of developments surrounding the safety and
      security issue, check: http://www.npca-advocacy.net/.

      If you have any comments or views on any part of H.R. 4060, please send
      them to mailto:advocacy@....

      Good luck, Erica

      > Erica,
      > (news@...)
      > Tried to call you today but I see you're off for the holidays. Another
      > injured RPCV was able to list our message on your general bulletin board
      > but last
      > year Emily O'Rourke was able to post the ad on the main bulletin board for
      > me
      > last year. I am not a member of you organization because, through the many
      > years
      > no one in your DC office has been interested in the issues or the
      > struggles
      > that ill or injured workers have dealt with. I have been most frustrated
      > through these years and since I am barely surviving financially have had
      > no extra
      > cash to belong.
      > Emily gave me the password last year but I'm sure you've since changed it
      > and
      > kept posting the message for me. I also know that you have a new
      > president,
      > and I'm relieved about that. Perhaps he will be interested in our plight?
      > Anyway, if there is any way that you can post this in a prominent location
      > and if there is any way that I can access it, I'd be most appreciative. I
      > know
      > that the deadline passed to put a printed ad in the 3/1/61 but I hope you
      > will
      > keep in mind that I'd like to get it in the next printing, whenever that
      > may
      > be.
      > Thanks for your help.
      > Here is the information again:
      > "Submission:  Chronic Illness or Disability from PC Service?
      > Do you have a chronic illness or disability related to your Peace Corps
      > service?  Are you dealing with OWCP to obtain medical benefits or
      > disability
      > payments?  If so, the following group may be of interest to you:
      > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/owcp
      > A group of RPCVs with OWCP claims are banding together in an attempt to
      > get
      > better service from OWCP, PC Medical Office, etc.
      > Please feel free to join us!"
      > Best,
      > Nancy Tongue
      > 212-289-9380

      Erica T. Burman
      News Director and Editor of 3/1/61
      National Peace Corps Association
      1900 L Street, N.W. Suite 205
      Washington, DC  20036
      fax: 202-293-7554
      email:  news@...

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