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Re: [owcp] periodic reviews

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  • Felicia
    Yeah, I wish I could help too. I had a couple of years of medical reviews, but didn t get one this summer (even though the last psychiatrist said I was a big
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 15, 2007
      Yeah, I wish I could help too. I had a couple of years of
      medical reviews, but didn't get one this summer (even
      though the last psychiatrist said I was a big fat liar).
      I have never gotten the non-medical form, although I do
      get the regular "are you making any extra money?" form. I
      think the trick for me was seeing a better doctor than
      they sent me to who did more tests and generated more
      paperwork. Neuropsychologist just sounds cooler than
      psychiatrist. I'm going to try going to the
      neuropsychologist on a yearly basis to chart my progress
      and hopefully that will keep the medical evaluations away.

      Good luck with all your forms. -- Felicia

      > I recently received one of these delightful forms from
      > OWCP - I'm sure
      > most of you are painfully familiar with them. I've got
      > several
      > questions around this and am hoping someone with more
      > experience might
      > be able to give their educated guess or their own
      > experience.
      > What's the normal timing for these? Right now, it's
      > looking as though
      > I'll be getting one a year (went through this just last
      > year), just to
      > be sure I haven't experienced a miracle cure. [I'm at
      > "medical end
      > point" according to the doctors they use - a spinal injury
      > that
      > occurred during service, and that is no longer considered
      > operable. I
      > don't receive any treatment for this at present, because
      > there really
      > is no treatment - other than taking heavy pain meds, which
      > obviously
      > present their own challenges in a work environment. No onr
      > likes a
      > drooler! From my previous experience, I'll go to my
      > primary and be
      > referred for work capacity tests; spend a day being tested
      > to
      > destruction, and get the same results as before.
      > wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
      > Pardon my lack of joy.]
      > Has anyone had any luck getting help in filling out the
      > non medical
      > part of the form? The closest district office is in
      > Boston, and I
      > usually end up in voice mail hell, followed by phone tag,
      > followed by
      > 'I'm not sure, let me check and get back to you' reality.
      > There are a
      > couple of what I see as potentially tricky questions I'd
      > like to be
      > sure I'm answering correctly according to their esoteric
      > protocol. The
      > local folks at Dept of Labor have never seen any OWCP
      > forms and are
      > scared to answer lest they be liable; I'm ineligible for
      > Legal Aid (I
      > actually couldn't find a lawyer in VT that would take an
      > OWCP/FECA
      > case a year ago when they reduced my compensation); and it
      > seems to be
      > a big blank all around.
      > And I reiterate what so many have said: I loved my service
      > (3 years,
      > and tried for a fourth - medical nixed me) but for
      > volunteers injured
      > during service, I think especially for those with long
      > term disability
      > issues, it's a pretty grim reality.
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