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Re: Complaint Against Claims Examiner

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  • Kevin
    I don t talk to OWCP staff either, if I can help it. I think it s best to have things in writing. Not that it s a big problem since they rarely call me. In
    Message 1 of 5 , Aug 29, 2007
      I don't talk to OWCP staff either, if I can help it. I think it's
      best to have things in writing. Not that it's a big problem since
      they rarely call me. In fact, they still haven't returned some of
      my calls from 25 years ago!

      My complaint stems from a call that my claims examiner made to my
      doctor's office. When she couldn't convince the office staff to
      give her information from my chart, she became "very rude." Since
      her identity couldn't be verified over the phone and she didn't have
      a valid release of information, my doctor's office did the right
      thing. They cannnot ignore office policy, medical ethics, and state
      and federal privacy laws even if a claims examiner purports to have
      God-like powers.

      --- In owcp@yahoogroups.com, "Felicia" <felicia@...> wrote:
      > Geez, the worst I ever have is that they don't call me
      > back. However, I almost never call them anyway now. I
      > just send letters - lots of letters - with dates of
      > previous letters, copies of their letters with sections
      > highlighted and a new paragraph for each problem. That
      > actually seems to get the job done. -- Felicia
      > > Wow--can`t believe what your claims examiner is doing.
      > > Makes my story seem petty, but here it is. In one of the
      > > gazillion attempts to get answers to a denied bill, mine
      > > kept hanging up on me after being extremely rude and
      > > yelling at me. I complained to the main office supervisor
      > > who called me and told me that the "matter was taken care
      > > of"--whatever that means. I would gladly take someone rude
      > > if they would just do their job correctly and get me the
      > > benefits I am entitled to. Anyway, your route is much
      > > better and I think you will get better results with who
      > > you are copying it to. Might wanna copy it to PC`s post
      > > service benefits office for the sake of keeping everyone
      > > in the loop, even though they are just as useless most of
      > > the time. Good luck.
      > >
      > >
      > > On Tuesday, August 28, 2007, at 09:24AM, "Kevin"
      > > <owcp2004@...> wrote:
      > >>Has anyone ever complained about their claims examiner?
      > >> If so, who did
      > >>you complain to and did you get any results?
      > >>
      > >>I'm considering filing a formal complaint against my
      > >> current claims
      > >>examiner alleging abuse of power and an attempt to
      > >> illegally obtain
      > >>confidential medical information. My thought is to mail
      > >> a complaint
      > >>letter to her boss (the OWCP District Director) and cc it
      > >> to Labor's
      > >>OIG and one of my Congressman. But, I'd like your
      > >> experiences and
      > >>thoughts on the matter. Thanks again.
      > >>
      > >>Kevin
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