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Re: [owcp] Re: Input Requested II

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  • Andrew Sterioff
    Thank you Kevin for all your hard work, I live in Minnesota and will write Senator Coleman s office. Andy Sterioff ... From: Kevin To:
    Message 1 of 6 , Aug 10, 2007
      Thank you Kevin for all your hard work, I live in Minnesota and will write Senator Coleman's office.
      Andy Sterioff

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      Sent: Thursday, August 9, 2007 2:56:08 PM
      Subject: [owcp] Re: Input Requested II


      Thanks for all of your support. It's truly appreciated.

      We haven't asked Senator Coleman to take anything to committee, nor
      has his office suggested that as an approach at this time.

      Here's where we are to date: Ana Navarro, Senator Coleman's Peace
      Corps liaison, had a recent meeting with Peace Corps staff during
      which she brought up some general issues that RPCVs are having with
      OWCP. Their response was lacking in my opinion. They basically
      stood by the party line that once a claim is in the hands of OWCP,
      there is nothing they can do. That's hogwash, of course, because
      they also suggested that they are a driving force behind OWCP's
      decision to be tougher in its review of RPCV claims. So much for
      Peace Corps' argument that it exerts no control over OWCP!

      Have you looked at Ana's latest email to us? If so, what questions
      or requests do you think she should take to Peace Corps on our behalf?

      Thanks again,


      --- In owcp@yahoogroups. com, Andrew Sterioff <apsterioff@ ...> wrote:
      > Is there any way you can get indication from Senator Coleman's
      office if RPCV - OWCP issues will be brought up in any committee, or
      are we not at that point yet?
      > Andy Sterioff
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      > Subject: [owcp] Input Requested II
      > I need to reply to Ana Navarro of Senator Coleman's office sometime
      > soon. I need your input to do so.
      > A copy of her latest email can be found in message 416 ...

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