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  • Kevin
    Jeanne, Thanks so much for sharing the tips and experiences. They are helpful. I ll try to use the ones that I can. Unfortunately I won t be able to
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 8, 2007

      Thanks so much for sharing the tips and experiences. They are
      helpful. I'll try to use the ones that I can. Unfortunately I won't
      be able to schmooze with the aides who will be doing the bulk of the
      work. They are in Washington, DC and I am in NH. I do have a
      caseworker who is semi-local with whom I have a good working
      relationship. She's expecting the letter and will get it to the
      right people in Washington. I trust her to move things along.

      Our request is being made on behalf of all RPCVs with service-related
      injuries or illnesses. Since I don't want to emphasize certain
      conditions at the expense of others (or even appear to be doing so)
      I'm going to pass on your suggestion of using "Taken As Directed"--at
      least for now.

      Thanks again,


      --- In owcp@yahoogroups.com, "jeanne lese" <jlese@...> wrote:
      > I have a few ideas about the letter. We know from experience that
      > can be helpful allies. Because of one Lariam survivor's personal
      > Senator Dianne Feinstein of CA became an ally. This man started
      with the
      > aide at his local office. Eventually he met the senator in
      Washington a
      > couple of times. She asked for and received more than 100 letters
      > Lariam victims in several states. She wrote 6 official letters
      about Lariam
      > (to Colin Powell, Donald Rumsfeld, the CDC, FDA, etc.).
      Unfortunately we
      > only got letters since this happened before the Dems had a
      majority. (See
      > the Press Room at www.lariaminfo.org/.)
      > 1. Start with pointed cover letter -- one page highly desirable.
      > 2. For details, stories, backup info use appendices, prefaced by a
      list of
      > what's there.
      > 3. Use numbers (as you do) and bullets for quick comprehension. Cut
      > words.
      > 4. When it's ready, plan before you send. Call to get the name of
      the aide
      > in your senator's local office that handles PC or Workers Comp
      > Always call and write to this same aide. You want them to remember
      > 4. Rather than sending, ask for a meeting with that aide and hand
      > the letter. If there are two people from NH, go together. Have a
      plan. Take
      > notes. Get names, ideas for next steps.
      > 5. I would highly recommend one more thing. At the end of the
      meeting, show
      > the Peace Corps section of "Taken As Directed," a documentary about
      > (Arrange for this ahead of time.) Tell them exactly how long the
      clip is.
      > This visual will reinforce most of the points in your letter. Leave
      the DVD
      > and ask the aide to watch the whole thing. Maybe others in the
      office will
      > watch it-- ultimately maybe even the senator.
      > If you are interested in Taken As Directed, let me know off list
      before you
      > buy it. See the website for a film clip and background.
      > www.takenasdirected.com/ .
      > Jeanne Lese
      > Co-director, Lariam Action USA, www.lariaminfo.org
      > Co-producer, Taken As Directed, www.takenasdirected.com
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