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  • jeanne lese
    Friends, Thanks to Felicia for posting the info about OWCP to the Lariam group on Yahoo. I m co-director of Lariam Action USA. We ve been working with PC
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 17, 2007
      Thanks to Felicia for posting the info about OWCP to the Lariam group on
      Yahoo. I'm co-director of Lariam Action USA. We've been working with PC
      sufferers for ten years. We even had a booth at the PC's 40th anniversary
      sessions in Washington, DC and met many of you Lariam survivors in person.

      A concerted effort might get the PC to develop a consistent policy about
      Not only must they agree to follow the requirements on the drug label, but
      they must acknowledge the damage to RPCVs so people can be treated and
      compensated. It's criminal to deny responsibility for what happens when PC
      volunteers become ill because of medication the Peace Corps required you to

      Someone mentioned contacting Sen Charles Schumer for assistance. Other
      people in congress have strong PC connections. You need to identify the one
      who will be your champion.

      The fact is the drug is much too strong to use for prevention. Since it's
      given to healthy people, the risks are too great. Especially when other
      safer equally effective drugs are available! Whoever said there's not enough
      research is wrong. For the true picture, read "A Lesson Learnt: the rise and
      fall of Lariam and Halfan"
      (4-07) and

      Lariam Action USA will be glad to help you but we can't do it for you. We're
      a small volunteer organization ourselves. You might consider using the
      documentary "Taken As Directed" to help you present your case. A Peace Corps
      volunteer is one of the 5 survivors whose stories are told in the film
      www.takenasdirected.com. Her story of dealing with the PC over Lariam is

      Jeanne Lese
      Co-director, Lariam Action USA
      Co-producer, Taken As Directed
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