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Re: [owcp] GAO Report: Long-Needed Improvements to [Peace Corps] Volunteers' Health Care

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  • Sue T
    Well, it s got Inouye s name right there up at the top. I ll post it to the group right a way. Thanks, Kevin! ST ...
    Message 1 of 5 , Jul 13, 2007
      Well, it's got Inouye's name right there up at the
      top. I'll post it to the group right a way. Thanks,


      --- Kevin <rpcv@...> wrote:

      > The GAO has a search facility at http://www.gao.gov
      > That might be
      > the best place to start.
      > I found the following abstract there:
      > Report Abstract
      > Peace Corps: Long-Needed Improvements to Volunteers'
      > Health Care
      > System NSIAD-91-213 July 3, 1991
      > Pursuant to a congressional request, GAO reviewed
      > the Peace Corps'
      > health care system for its volunteers, focusing on
      > whether: (1)
      > volunteers received a level of health care
      > comparable to what they
      > would have received in the United States; and (2)
      > former volunteers
      > with service-related medical conditions were aware
      > of and receiving
      > their health care entitlement.
      > GAO found that: (1) 73 percent of former volunteers
      > surveyed were
      > satisfied with the quality of health care that Peace
      > Corps medical
      > officers provided; (2) the Peace Corps' health care
      > system did not
      > ensure that volunteers received approximately the
      > same level of care
      > available in the United States; (3) the Peace Corps
      > did not follow
      > its selection policy for hiring medical officers,
      > provide adequate
      > in-house training, or provide sufficient procedures
      > for monitoring
      > their activities; (4) due to inadequate guidelines
      > and controls,
      > some medical officers contracted by the Peace Corps
      > were not
      > qualified to provide the level of health care
      > required by the
      > specific conditions of a country, were unfamiliar
      > with or untrained
      > in Peace Corps diagnostic and treatment procedures,
      > and provided
      > care that was beyond their competence or that
      > violated Peace Corps
      > guidelines; (5) the Peace Corps did not subject its
      > health care
      > system to a medical review by an independent
      > accrediting
      > organization; (6) although former Peace Corps
      > volunteers are
      > entitled to Federal Employees Compensation Act
      > (FECA) benefits for
      > service-related health problems, and the Peace Corps
      > described such
      > benefits in its volunteer manual, many former
      > volunteers were not
      > aware of their benefit entitlements; (7) the Peace
      > Corps
      > inadequately assisted former volunteers in filing
      > their FECA claims;
      > and (8) the Peace Corps took such corrective actions
      > to improve its
      > health care system as improving the FECA system,
      > providing medical
      > officer orientation funds, planning an independent
      > medical review,
      > conducting annual training conferences, instituting
      > an improved
      > monitoring form to emphasize quality-of-care issues,
      > procedures, and
      > developing a informational benefits video.
      > [source:
      > 213&accno=144319 ]
      > I think that's the report to which Nancy was
      > referring.
      > Incidentally the entire report is also available at
      > http://archive.gao.gov/d20t9/144319.pdf Maybe we
      > should put a copy
      > of it in our files section. Would you like to do
      > that, or should I?
      > Kevin
      > --- In owcp@yahoogroups.com, Sue T
      > <sallie_ali_sue@...> wrote:
      > > ... I'd like to get a copy of the Inouye report.
      > I might
      > > spare you the trouble of copying and mailing it -
      > can
      > > you give me searchable details that I might google
      > or
      > > look for in my library or -- heh heh -- write the
      > the
      > > HI rep for a copy of?
      > >
      > > Sue

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    • Kevin
      I think it may be time for GAO to conduct a follow up study, a comprehensive one that investigates in depth both Peace Corps and OWCP. More than 15 years has
      Message 2 of 5 , Jul 13, 2007
        I think it may be time for GAO to conduct a follow up study, a
        comprehensive one that investigates in depth both Peace Corps and
        OWCP. More than 15 years has elapsed since the last one, and I doubt
        services to former Volunteers have improved.

        --- In owcp@yahoogroups.com, FourDirect@... wrote:
        Do you know of the huge GAO report conducted by Sen. Inouye of Hawaii
        in the later 1980's or early 1990's that found Peace Corps at fault
        for not helping volunteers navigate the OWCP system and for the
        failures of OWCP to attend to the needs of RPCVs?
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