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Re: [owcp] Time to Delete the Group?

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  • Felicia
    While I m not able to take over the group either, I m glad to know it is there. The new bit of info that I ve learned is that it looks like the OWCP likes it
    Message 1 of 5 , Jul 6, 2007
      While I'm not able to take over the group either, I'm glad
      to know it is there. The new bit of info that I've
      learned is that it looks like the OWCP likes it if you
      have a doctor send in a referral request for each new
      doctor. I used to just send a letter informing them that
      I'd been referred to another doctor, but they seem more
      happy with something official even though they did usually
      pay the other way. I'm actually starting to see a bit of
      recovery too, which is a huge relief. I still have a
      couple years at least before I can even think of working
      again, but knowing that I'll probably get better is nice.
      -- Felicia

      > Sue,
      > I am struggling just to keep myself afloat these days with
      > my own health
      > issues and trying to make a career change because of my
      > Peace Corps illness and
      > lack of support by OWCP, Peace Corps, etc but I was one of
      > the first people
      > who wanted this group. Unfortunately, these days it isn't
      > possible for me to
      > take it over but personally, I'd be thrilled to have
      > someone like you there to
      > manage it.
      > Anyone else have opinions on the matter?
      > Best,
      > Nancy Tongue
      > NYC
      > Chile 1980-82
      > ************************************** See what's free at
      > http://www.aol.com
    • Kevin
      Hi Sue, and thanks for your interest. I m encouraged that you want to manage and promote this forum since it definitely needs the proverbial shot in the
      Message 2 of 5 , Jul 10, 2007
        Hi Sue, and thanks for your interest. I'm encouraged that you
        want "to manage and promote this forum" since it definitely needs the
        proverbial shot in the arm. I only have one question: Even though
        your interest lies mostly with medically-separated PCVs, you wouldn't
        exclude the rest of us, would you? By the rest of us, I mean FECA
        claimants who weren't medically separated, but rather who left PC via
        other avenues.

        I have recently been appointed to a state board (unrelated to Peace
        Corps), so I feel a need to shed a few of my other extracurricular
        activites, including this Yahoo group and my responsibilities to the
        Green Mountain (VT) Returned Peace Corps Volunteers.

        Please let me know that you think at your convenience. Either here
        or by email is fine.


        --- In owcp@yahoogroups.com, Sue T <sallie_ali_sue@...> wrote:
        > Dear Kevin:
        > Hello. My name is Sue and I was med sepped. I would
        > be interested in taking over the group. My interest
        > would be in getting the word out about the group and
        > making this forum into a supporting resource for med
        > sepped pcvs -- med sep meant I was broke (I was
        > stabbed two days after swearing in so my settling
        > allowance was a pittance), homeless, jobless,
        > physically disabled, and still unfinished with my
        > education (I was using PC for credit to my master's
        > program as I was a master's international student).
        > I still feel PC was the coolest thing and I'm not
        > bitter; however, I recognize that a lot of us
        > experience things beyond our control and that results
        > in us living in the Wacky Wild World of Worker's
        > Compensation and the bastion of efficiency our federal
        > government espouses for hard working PCVs! (No doctor
        > will take me where I live b/c they won't bill OWCP --
        > I have to drive 6 hours to be seen -- I may still
        > require another surgery).
        > OK, enough said.
        > I'd be happy to manage and promote this forum. Let me
        > know what you think.
        > Sue Trone
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