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  • Kaericsson@cs.com
    4 December 2005 Hi Alana: It has been so long since I ve received OWCP complaints from former Peace Corps Volunteers that I wondered whether the moderator of
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      4 December 2005

      Hi Alana: It has been so long since I've received OWCP complaints from former
      Peace Corps Volunteers that I wondered whether the moderator of the Yahoo
      list serve had taken me off the list, because he did not like me forwarding these
      to Oberstar's office. Apparently that wasn't the case, because these three
      just came through. So, I am letting you back into the loop. (I won't forward
      everything I receive. Jim Oberstar's office can sign up for this listserve
      yourself if you are interested. We would appreciate your support.)

      I have switched from my doctor in North Branch to one in Cambridge, partly
      just to eliminate the drive. I also think that having Cambridge Medical Center
      manage my billing problems will help -- the office in North Branch is rather a
      Mom and Pop operation. I'll let you know, however, if CMC has the same
      problems with OWCP.

      Thanks for your past assistance, and happy holidays!

      Kriste Ericsson, Minnesota
      PCV Paraguay 1987-1988

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      donaldweaks@... writes:

      << Subj: Re: [owcp] One recent positive experience...
      Date: 12/4/05 3:53:52 PM Central Standard Time
      From: donaldweaks@... (Donald Weaks)
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      To: owcp@yahoogroups.com

      I was recently denied coverage for a genetic disease, hemochromatosis, a
      rare iron overload blood disorder. Dr. Hammer reported to the DOL that I had
      failed to report this condition to the PC when I applied for service. The fact is
      I'd never heard of hemochtroatosis before I found out that I had it. What's
      the deal with PC not supporting the claims by former volunteers? Do you know of
      anyone who have denied coverage for the same disorder? I was under the
      impression that Congress passed a law that prohibited discrimination against genetic
      disorders, i.e sickle cell anemia.

      FourDirect@... wrote: Kurt,

      What a horrid ordeal you've been through. I very much appreciate you sharing
      your story with us. I've met quite a few brick walls in the past month with
      OWCP/ACS/USDOL so knowing of your small success is helpful but your pain and
      suffering have been great.

      I still feel that next summer when I have more time, I'd like to take some
      of our stories public, as in to the press. I know it's hard to think about when
      there are small successes because that's when I don't want to rock the boat.
      But I'm tossing this out to others out there again for a goal for the summer.

      Best to you for the holidays, Kurt.
      Nancy Tongue
      Chile '80-82

      In a message dated 12/4/2005 1:10:40 PM Eastern Standard Time,
      krcorwin@... writes:
      Subj:[owcp] One recent positive experience...
      Date:12/4/2005 1:10:40 PM Eastern Standard Time
      Sent from the Internet

      Hi Group, I haven't heard from anyone lately but I hope all are well.
      I have to report a recent very positive experience that may be helpful to
      some of you.
      I am a veteran of India-109 in 1970-1971 and had severe permanent orthopedic
      injuries that made it difficult to walk even after two and a half years of
      regular surgical modifications and an on going femoral infection (pseudomonas).
      Prosthetic shoes at $1,000 to $2,000 per pair have been necessary since I got
      off the crutches in 1974, surgical intervention has been necassary every
      decade or two and since I've gotten into my 50's a wheelchair has become necessary.
      As you might imagine getting these agencies to honor their obligations to
      meet my ongoing needs has been a nightmare. I have found, since OWCP, who had
      an office two blocks from my apartment in downtown San Francisco, turned things
      over to the current payors I've had a terrible time getting any action from
      them. My first experience with the wheelchair was in 2000 when it was first
      prescribed. It took 8 months to get it approved and four months to get it
      delivered. Not long ago that device wore out and it came time to get
      another one. The company that I had originally ordered from had gone out of
      business and the company that had been handling my maintenance and repair
      needs wouldn't even attempt to help me, saying that I should buy the chair from
      them and then bill the agency, something I'm not fiscally able to do. I did
      find a company who seems to have done the necessary training of their sales staff
      and was able to get approval in less than two weeks and deliver a week after
      that. That company is ScooterStore.com and they are claiming that they will
      also do necessary repairs and bill directly. They actually carry a full range
      of motorized wheelchairs from a number of different manufacturers.
      Along these lines I've also been seeing an Orthopedic surgeon here in San
      Francisco who is very good at billing in a way that he actually gets paid and
      apparently relatively promptly. I'm still struggling with my prosthedtic makers
      relationship with these guys, but I've put his office staff in touch with the
      wheelchair people hoping that they will be willing to share their technique
      and/or strategy for dealing.
      Kurt Corwin


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