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Re: [owcp] Re. Subcommittee Letter (was Re: New to the Group)

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  • Janice Williams
    Jan Williams ... This sounds good to me , too. Jan Williams
    Message 1 of 6 , Aug 21 3:15 AM
      Jan Williams

      > Lauralee,
      > Thanks for your comments.
      > I've been grappling with the issue of examples since I wrote the
      > first draft of the letter. I purposely left them out of that draft
      > because I didn't want all of them to come from my personal
      > experience. I plan to include some examples in the next draft,
      > primarily drawing them from critiques that I've received from group
      > members. However, I don't feel that I can include all of the
      > examples that I've received, so I'll try to include ones that seem
      > most universal.
      > If you and others feel strongly that more of your experiences,
      > issues, complaints, etc. need to be included, what do you think of
      > allowing an addendum for each signatory to briefly address his or
      > her story? Preparing an addendum would be optional, of course, and
      > each signatory could decide whether to opt in or opt out.
      > I apologize for not getting the second draft written in a timely
      > fashion. I had anticipated it being done by know, but my schedule
      > has not been cooperating. My new goal for completion is early in
      > September. (I'll be out of town for about 10 days starting later
      > this week.)
      > Kevin
      > P.S. Lauralee, and everyone: Your comments and suggestions about
      > examples (and anything else) are welcome, as always. Although I've
      > taken the lead with the letter, it is a group effort. Thanks!
      > --- In owcp@yahoogroups.com, "lajarvis78" <RPCVLAJarvis@a...> wrote:
      >> As I stated earlier I am new to this group, so I don't what has
      > been
      >> discussed regarding the letter...my main suggestion is to use
      >> concrete examples of issues we have had. Here are some of mine:
      >> - PC gave me wrong forms when filing, so some claims were rejected
      >> and needed to be resent. Work comp told me that they have this
      >> problem all the time and they said that there is no communication
      >> between the two offices.
      >> - Time lap between PC medically separating volunteers and the 3
      >> months when work comp kicks in (if it does at all). That we are
      >> sick, PC kicks us out and we are forced to pay all medical bills
      > out
      >> of our own pocket. I'm still trying to get reimbursed for all
      >> medical bills during that time.
      >> - The fact that case workers are not allowed to talk to the
      > billing
      >> department, but yet the billing department constantly sends you
      > back
      >> to your case worker to change things. Again, no communication
      >> between departments and they put us in the middle to try and
      > figure
      >> out what each of them need so we can get our money!
      >> - The fact that they say that there are scheduling fees for every
      >> procedure and medicine, but yet they do not pay the same amount if
      >> you find a service or meds for cheaper (i.e. I was put on a very
      >> expensive antibiotic, CVS charged $120 for 10 days, work comp gave
      >> me $111 in reimbursement. Had to get a refill and this time went
      > to
      >> Target who charged $80 for the pills, yet work comp only paid
      > around
      >> $73 for the med).
      >> - There is no set procedure for filing an appeal. Yes, you can
      >> resubmit with a letter, but they never clearly state why it has
      > been
      >> rejected and what you can do so that you can be paid.
      >> Those are the examples I could think of off the top of my head
      > that
      >> I have dealt with. I'm sure I could come with many more, given
      > more
      >> time. I will gladly have my name attached to this letter. It is
      >> nice to know that I am not alone in my frustrations, though I'm
      > very
      >> sorry that all you are going through this too...it's just no fun!
      >> My info for the letter: I am from Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
      >> Take care all!
      >> --Lauralee
      >> RPCV EC70: Dominica
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      This sounds good to me , too. Jan Williams
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