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  • Felicia
    Wow, I didn t find that once I was medevac d. Everyone seemed really nice and the whole process seemed very organized. Of course, almost no one spoke a
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 9, 2005
      Wow, I didn't find that once I was medevac'd. Everyone
      seemed really nice and the whole process seemed very
      organized. Of course, almost no one spoke a single word
      about possible causes for my condition (panic disorder),
      but I just assumed that they had a "don't ask, don't tell"
      policy with people suffering from Lariam toxicity. Once I
      said I wouldn't go on psychiatric medication, they wrapped
      things up almost instantly. Before I left, they helped me
      fill out my CA-2, the form to start the worker's comp
      process. I had an evaluation from a Peace Corps
      psychologist in DC who said that my condition was because
      of my Peace Corps service. It all went really smoothly.
      This could be because people suffering from Lariam side
      effects occasionally kill themselves, so they might have
      been babying me.

      As far as Peace Corps service and health goes, even though
      I've been back for more than a year and unable to work the
      entire time, I still would have gone into the Peace Corps
      when I did and am hoping to go back once I am well.
      However, the #1 piece of advice I give about the Peace
      Corps is stand up for yourself. The Peace Corps is a huge
      government organization and the doctors, while very nice
      (at least in the country I was in), occasionally give the
      "it's all in your head" treatment. If something is
      affecting your ability to get your job done, don't just
      suffer and don't expect someone else to solve your

      Those are my thoughts! -- Felicia

      > I agree with you in many ways, but once one is medevac'd
      > the situation becomes quite grim. You are suddenly a
      > pariah because they seem to be assuming that you're trying
      > to take advantage of their system. That's not true for me,
      > I just want to get well and go back to work. They are far
      > from being proactive about diagnosis and treatment,
      > instead it's like pulling teeth to get approval to see
      > specialists.
      > Kevin <rpcv@...> wrote: Steve,
      > I don't know how many people return home with illnesses,
      > injuries, and/or disabilities. My guess
      > is that the rate is relatively low. If this really
      > concerns you, I encourage you to contact the
      > Peace Corps Medical Office. Someone there must compile
      > such statistics.
      > I can only speak for myself, but I felt that Peace Corps'
      > preventive health program was very good
      > and that, for the most part, in-country medical care was
      > adequate or better. I personally
      > wouldn't have shied away from Peace Corps even if I had
      > had a crystal ball that foretold the
      > health "adventures" that I would encounter during my tour
      > of duty. I wouldn't trade my Peace
      > Corps experience for anything, and I'm seriously
      > considering doing it again when I retire.
      > My issue, and the issue of others in the OWCP Yahoo!
      > Group, is how difficult it can be to obtain
      > from the Dept. of Labor the medical compensation that we
      > are entitled to by federal law. A
      > number of Group Members also are disappointed in that
      > Peace Corps will do little or nothing to
      > help RPCVs with compensation claims.
      > I've taken the liberty of sending a copy of this reply to
      > the OWCP Group. Others there may wish
      > to share their perspectives. (You can read messages at
      > OWCP without being a member, but you're
      > welcome to join the Group if you wish.)
      > I hope that my comments have been useful to you.
      > Kevin
      > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/owcp
      > email: owcp-owner@yahoogroups.com
      >> Date: Wed, 6 Jul 2005 18:27:42 -0700 (PDT)
      >> From: Stephen Andersen <steve_intj@...>
      >> Subject: Re: Injury or Illness r/t Peace Corps Service?
      >> - you have my
      >> attention
      >> Kevin,
      >> You have my attention. My application is being
      >> processed to enter the Peace Corps, and I see your
      >> note about illness and disability. Please help me
      >> understand.
      >> - do many people come back from the PC with illnesses
      >> or disabilities?
      >> - is the PC health support inadequate?
      >> - is there anything else that I should consider
      >> regarding health concerns in the PC?
      >> Regards,
      >> Steve
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