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Re: [owcp] Going public v. working within the system

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  • Janice Williams
    Jan Williams ... Kevin, Please send me a copy of the letter. I m sure I ll agree and sign it. Jan
    Message 1 of 4 , Jun 23, 2005
      Jan Williams

      > There seems to be two camps in this group: one that favors working
      > within the system and another that favors going public. I
      > personally think that's great. One course of action doesn't
      > preclude the other, and trying to effect change on two fronts may be
      > the most effective strategy in the long run.
      > As I mentioned to Jan, why not invite your media contacts to join
      > this group? That will give the investigative journalists a flavor
      > for our group, the obstacles that we face individually and together,
      > etc. If they see a story here, I'm sure that they will go with it.
      > I hesitate to say that I prefer one course of action over the other,
      > but I am more comfortable working within the system. I don't want
      > to deal with the executive branch any more than possible, but I'm
      > prepared to inform the legislative branch of our plight and ask for
      > assistance with OWCP.
      > A question for those of you who want to go public: Would you be
      > willing to look at the letter that I drafted, give me some brief
      > feedback, and tell me if you'd be willing to sign it? Thank you.
      > Kevin
      > --- In owcp@yahoogroups.com, "Nancy" <fourdirect@...> wrote:
      >> Dear All (especially Kevin),
      >> I am thrilled that you are so energetic and still optimistic and
      > we should continue in this vein
      >> for now. But, having worked my butt off in the 1980's for change
      > and really not getting anywhere,
      >> I just feel that the most efficient use of energy is to get this
      > out in a public forum. I'd love
      >> to get it all on 60 Minutes and when I feel better I will pursue
      > what I can in that way. I just
      >> can't and don't want to work with the system anymore (except to
      > get my bills paid). I guess I am
      >> jaded and worn out but still not beaten by them.
      >> I did have a woman at NBC who came to ME a couple of years ago and
      > wanted to air a piece but she
      >> needed some numbers and people beside myself. That was part of the
      > reason I wanted to connect and
      >> see who else is out here. I think we have numbers and heartrending
      > stories and good people who
      >> still believe in goodness and moving ahead with our lives.
      >> I'm not saying that trying to get systemic change isn't good, I'm
      > just weary.
      >> Heidi, did you make your New England move? If you're ever
      > interested we can phone chat at some
      >> point about life as we had planed a year ago. My home email is:
      > fourdirect@... if you are
      >> interested.
      >> Anyway gang, I'll keep doing what I'm doing.
      >> Best to all,
      >> Nancy
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      Please send me a copy of the letter. I'm sure I'll agree and sign it.

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