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Re: Venting

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  • owcp2004
    Heidi, Thanks for your note--and support. I ve worked with Senators and Representatives in Western Washington (Seattle area), Eastern Washingon, Illinois
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 19, 2004

      Thanks for your note--and support.

      I've worked with Senators and Representatives in Western Washington
      (Seattle area), Eastern Washingon, Illinois (Chicago area), and now in
      New Hampshire. Some case workers have been very good; others only

      Like you, I prefer to be proactive. Right now, I can't get a response
      from either OWCP or its contractor (ACS). The case worker in my
      Representative's office has asked me to let her take care of the
      matter. Maybe I'm impatient or feel that I have less control since I'm
      not actively advocating for myself. I think the latter has a lot to do
      with my frustration.

      I have already gently prodded my case worker. That's tricky since I
      don't want to alienate the only person who is currently working on my

      Yesterday, I received a "Remittance Voucher" from ACS for an
      acupuncture treatment that I received in January. I was pleased to see
      that I'm scheduled to receive full reimbursement for that treatment.
      The puzzling part is that ACS has in the past denied all or part of the
      charges for acupuncture even though my physician filed the claim
      exactly the same way each time!


      --- In owcp@yahoogroups.com, Heidi Fassnacht <riverock5@y...> wrote:
      > Hey Kevin,
      > The folks here in WI were pretty good in that respect.
      > Any time they heard anything from OWCP they would
      > notify me (ie. send me a copy w/ cover letter). I
      > think at one point my congressional caseworker said
      > that they updated me every 45 days, but I never kept
      > track. Three months with no word or action sounds
      > long. It is discouraging to feel you must prod your
      > congressional case worker since that is what we
      > constantly have to do with OWCP.
      > In my case, I was pretty proactive, contacting OWCP in
      > the mean time trying to figure things out (I was
      > working on getting a reimbursement claim paid. In the
      > end it took me a year to get it paid, the last 4
      > months I had the help of my congresswoman's office).
      > Anytime I would send something more to OWCP, I would
      > check with my congresswoman's office to make sure this
      > would not confuse any action she had taken. Their
      > office had me send them copies of whatever I sent to
      > OWCP. So, basically, we were both working on it from
      > different angles, keeping each other posted as to what
      > we were doing and what response we were getting.
      > Is there any avenue you can pursue on your own in this
      > matter? I might also contact your congressional
      > caseworker and somehow tactfully mention that it has
      > been 3 months since she contacted DC and that seems
      > more than enough time to have received a response and
      > encourage her to put a little pressure on DOL to get a
      > response...perhaps a follow-up letter from her
      > inquiring of DOL as to the status of their response to
      > her request for information.
      > I hope that is somewhat helpful. Good luck!
      > :) Heidi
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