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  • owcp2004
    Hi Sue, and welcome. This group was Nancy s idea (a great one, I might add), and I was happy to set it up. Like Nancy, I m not sure if it s worth following the
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 19, 2004
      Hi Sue, and welcome.

      This group was Nancy's idea (a great one, I might add), and I was happy
      to set it up.

      Like Nancy, I'm not sure if it's worth following the legal path, but I
      would never dissuade anyone from exploring that option. There must be
      a lawyer in Oregon who takes federal workers' comp cases. Have you
      contacted your local and state bar associations for referrals?

      On a related note, I was speaking with a lawyer friend of mine a couple
      of days ago. She mentioned a class action lawsuit as an option for
      down the road. The drawback is that one must exhaust all
      administrative remedies before it's possible to sue OWCP.


      --- In owcp@yahoogroups.com, "susan murray" <bunstg@h...> wrote:
      > Nancy, Kevin, et all,
      > I am so pleased to be a part of the Yahoo RPCV group. We may be small now
      > but watch us grow as more volunteers become aware of the group. I liked the
      > suggestion to search for some radio journalists to publicize the group's
      > issues and concerns.
      > I am in the midst of coping with various Drs. who indicate that my injuries
      > are permanent but they also say that the DOL will likely want me to have an
      > evaluation in order to close my medical file. I am frustrated and upset
      > with this entire process.
      > I looked in my health benefits handbook for RPCVs and found information that
      > states that cases cannot be considered closed when there is indication of
      > long-term disability or if additional medical care is needed. I do not
      > understand where the DOL is coming from when since I have permanent damages
      > to my neck and shoulder.
      > I have spent numerous hours searching for a lawyer who handles Fed. w/c
      > cases here in Oregon. The lawyers here only handle state w/c cases. I will
      > not agree to anything from the w/c until I have legal advice. Does anyone
      > know of any lawyer who deals with the Feds.? If so, perhaps it would be
      > helpful to other disabled RPCVs if a list of lawyers could be compiled.
      > Also, I had to enlist the help of Or. Sen. Ron Wyden to obtain approval from
      > the DOL for medical treatment when I first returned from the PC. Perhaps it
      > would be helpful to our group if we solicited some congressional support for
      > the challenges disabled and injured RPCVs have to cope with when dealing
      > with the DOL.
      > Take care,
      > Sue
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