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Re: [owcp] legislation

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  • Janice Williams
    Jan Williams Hi everyone, Not much action with our group lately. How is everyone? I m having my share of struggles and am hacking my way through the new ACS
    Message 1 of 2 , May 16, 2004
      Re: [owcp] legislation Jan Williams

      Hi everyone,

      Not much action with our group lately. How is everyone?

      I'm having my share of struggles and am hacking my way through the new ACS mess. Anyone having any luck getting any bills now that ACS has taken over managing things for USDOL?

      I learned the following from the National RPCV group and wanted to put it out here to everyone again:

      "Following the March 24th Congressional hearing on the issue of Peace Corps
      safety and security, the Chairman of the House International Relations
      Committee, Henry Hyde (R-IL), has introduced H.R. 4060 the "Health, Safety
      and Security of Peace Corps Volunteers Act of 2004".

      The legislation proposes:
      1)    The establishment of an Office of the Ombudsman for the Peace Corps;
      2)    The codification of an Office of Safety and Security (with a stated
      sense of Congress that each country where Peace Corps has a program should
      have a country security coordinator);
      3)    A study and assessment of the "Five Year Rule" for Peace Corps employment;
      4)    Reporting on the Office of Medical Services;
      5)    Reporting on the work assignments of Peace Corps volunteers, and;
      6)    The establishment of an independent Inspector General for Peace Corps.

      Those interested in reviewing the complete text of the legislation can go
      to this link: http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/bdquery/z?d108:h.r.04060: or
      enter bill "HR04060" at http://thomas.loc.gov."
      In the meantime I have just written the following letter to Congressman Henry Hyde and hope you all feel all right about it. I enclosed other issues of mine and so forth but this was the cover. I wonder if it would help if others of us also wrote to him. I am faxing mine and also putting a hard copy in snail mail.

      I'm attaching what I wrote as an attached file.

      Nancy Tongue

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      Hi Nancy,
         I wonder if this is something that all of us should write to the congressman about?  I was involved with lobbying for teacher retirement credit for Peace Corps service in Massachussetts.  I had a group of about 60 people who would be affected.  We worked with the political lobbyist for the Mass. Teachers' Association.  He advise was to be the squeaky wheel.  Politicians respond to volume of contacts.  
          We wrote letters, which are more effective than e-mail, telephoned (better than a letter) and generally made our feelings known many times.  Should we begin a writing campaign to Mr. Hyde?  Do we know the path of the H. R. 4060 through congress?  For our PC retirement bill, the lobbyist advised us on the location of the bill, and who should be contacted to get it passed.
         And I guess, lastly, will this bill help us?

      Jan williams  
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