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708Re: [owcp] A Tarnished Badge Of Honor/Book

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  • Kenn Miller
    Dec 11, 2008

      I filed  claim, it was denied once I mentioned I took lariam.  They were paying my claim when it was just a bike accident.  They turned very nasty towards me and actually used brutal words towards me.  I have no hope for this country anymore, they do not take care of their own.


      On Dec 11, 2008, at 11:12 AM, Roger Landry wrote:

      Dear Volunteers, I am a member of the OWCP group for over 15 years
      living with a life altering disability.
      I am writing a book, it is all most finished. The book is of my time
      as a volunteer and my coming home to no help and not know the time
      limits on filing a clam. Spend time trying to cope with my disability;
      Coming home to nothing: had to live with friends and find help from
      state agencies. 
      When I did relies I was not informed on how the rules were, I had let
      my injuries run my life .No member of the Peace Corps stop in to help
      in any way.
      We got to other countries and help but once we get to the USA we are
      damaged good and no one is there to make sure we do the right thing.
      I need you stories on how you are dealing with the same bad situation.
      Pleas contact me at Colbyroger@yahoo. com, and pleas look at my web
      page at Colbyroger.cafe150. com.
      Thank you 

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